Barr says Republicans must win because VP Harris is in the ‘Batting Circle’

 April 26, 2024

According to former Attorney General Bill Barr on Fox Business Network's “Kudlow,” Republicans must win the November elections as Vice President Kamala Harris is in the “batting circle” alongside President Joe Biden.

Barr said, “Well, I’ve said, yeah, the choice now is a binary choice between these two candidates, and of the two, I support President Trump," as Breitbart News reported.

"And one of the reasons is because I think many of our critical problems, including deregulation, crime, restoring law and order, restoring control over our borders, rebuilding our defense in this increasingly dangerous world, standing by our allies, I trust President Trump to do that much more so than President Biden, I think.

The AG's Worry

The former attorney general went on to say that, "I also worry very much that in the batting circle with Joe Biden is Vice President Kamala Harris. I feel that under these circumstances, the Republicans have to win in November.”

On the topic of the New York criminal case, Barr said, “I think this case is a stain on the criminal justice process. This is a case clearly of going after the man, not a crime. There is no crime here. There is no crime. Hush money is not a crime.

"Trying to protect your reputation is not a crime. Entering into a non-disclosure agreement is not a crime, even if you’re running for office.

"There is no crime here. And they’re trying to manufacturing one and they’re trying to hurt, interfere with the election. That’s what this is.”

Trump's Campaign

The former president seems to be progressing very well with his campaign, with a majority of likely voters saying that possible conviction of crimes in any of President Donald Trump’s various legal cases would have "no effect" on their vote choice.

This was found due to the results of a UNF/PORL Florida National Survey released Thursday, reported by Breitbart News.

Trump beat Biden nationally by two percentage points in the survey, which asked, “If Donald Trump were convicted of a crime in any of his pending criminal cases, would you be more likely to vote for him, less likely to vote for him, or would there be no effect on your vote choice?”

Most – 67% — said it would have “no effect” on their vote. Seven percent said it would make them “more likely” to support him, and 24% said “less likely.”

Republicans and Independents

Most Republicans (81%) and independents (60%) indicated it would have “no effect” on their vote. Notably, 16% of independents said a criminal record would make them “more likely” to vote for Trump, while 27% said it would make it less likely.

Seventy-seven percent of Republicans said a criminal conviction would not affect their vote, and 11% said it would make them more inclined to vote for him. Only 9% indicated it would reduce their likelihood.

Trump's New York criminal trial continues under Democrat District Attorney Alvin Bragg, who charged him with 34 felonies for fabricating company paperwork.

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