Barron Trump conspiracy alleges first son a 'time traveler'

 January 28, 2024

In a recent surge of unconventional theories circulating on social media, conspiracy theorists are propounding the notion that the former president and his son may be time travelers.

The speculative connection arises from the revival of a 19th-century book, "Baron Trump's Marvelous Underground Journey," with Barron Trump, 17, now becoming a focal point for these unfounded claims, particularly fueled by TikTok discussions.

The background

Authored in 1888 by Ingersoll Lockwood, the book introduces a 10-year-old protagonist sharing the name of Trump's youngest son.

The narrative unfolds with this character and his mentor, named Don, residing on Fifth Avenue in New York City. The duo embarks on a fantastical journey to Russia, allegedly in search of a portal to a magical world.

Despite the absence of explicit references to time travel within the book, some theorists assert that the depicted magical realm serves as a concealed representation of time-traveling adventures.

Social media rumors

A TikTok influencer, Matty Ice (@mattyicerants), with a substantial following of 3.4 million, has actively contributed to the discourse. Ice endeavors to establish connections between the book and real-life events, positing that Lockwood, the author, coexisted in New York City with Serbian-American scientist Nikola Tesla, a figure often entangled in time traveler conspiracy theories.

Ice also draws attention to the character's full Germanic name, "Wilhelm Heinrich Sebastian Von Troomp," as a potential corroborating link, given the ex-president's German ancestry.

Another TikTok user, Lindsay Ivan (@lindsayivan), delves into the final book of the series, "The Last President," identifying intriguing parallels with contemporary occurrences.

The novel portrays chaos in the East Side of New York City following the election of an unpopular candidate as president.

More details

Ivan highlights the depiction of large mobs led by anarchists and socialists threatening the opulent residences on Fifth Avenue, adding a layer of complexity to the conspiracy theory. Notably, a character named Laugh Pence, reminiscent of Mike Pence, further stokes the speculations.

While these time travel theories gained traction among some online communities, a considerable number dismissed them as overly imaginative and lacking in substantive evidence.

The claims, rooted in perceived connections between a historical work of fiction and present-day political figures, have spurred debates and skepticism across various social media platforms.

As with many conspiracy theories, the validity of these assertions remains questionable, with critical voices emphasizing the speculative nature of the connections drawn.

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