Barron Trump towers over parents in new family Christmas photo

 December 27, 2023

In an attention-grabbing Christmas photo taken at Mar-a-Lago, former first son Barron Trump noticeably overshadowed his family members in terms of height.

Positioned behind the former president, Barron surpassed his father's stature by several inches, prompting astonishment from social media users who observed the rare sighting.

The reactions

MMA fighter Malcolm Flex expressed his amazement, commenting on the extraordinary family photo on X.

Political commentator Benny Johnson also shared his surprise, questioning the factors contributing to Barron's impressive height in a post on X.

"Barron Trump is beginning to look a lot like a much younger Donald Trump. President Trump and First Lady Melania have done an amazing job shielding Barron from the hyenas," remarked another user on X, noting Barron's height dominance in the Christmas photo.

Compared to Trump

For reference, the former president's height is documented as 6'3", with a weight of 215 pounds, as disclosed in documents released in August from Fulton County Jail in Atlanta, Georgia, during Trump's surrender to the jail.

In attendance at the gathering were Donald Trump, his son Barron, and his eldest children with his late ex-wife Ivana Trump—Donald Jr., aged 45, and Ivanka, aged 42. Tiffany, aged 30, the daughter of Trump and his ex-wife Marla Maples, was also part of the gathering.

The family photo included several of Trump's grandchildren, such as Arabella Rose (12), Joseph Frederick (10), and Theodore James (7), accompanied by their father, Jared Kushner, who is Ivanka's husband.

Also present were Donald Jr.'s fiancée Kimberly Guilfoyle, and his son Donald John III (15) from his ex-wife Vanessa Haydon, as well as Guilfoyle's son Ronan Anthony Villency.

Although Melania Trump was not present in the photo, her father, Viktor Knavs, stood to the left of Tiffany in the family picture.

Trump's campaign

Barron's height has created quite the discussion as his father seeks a comeback bid for the White House next year.

The teenager Barron could make for some excitement in the media if the Trumps return to Washington, offering a new dynamic to the already influential Trump family.

Trump will first have to win the GOP primary and the election next November. The first primary in Iowa next month shows Trump with a large lead, according to current polls in his bid to unseat President Joe Biden after one term in office.

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