Biden adds extra Secret Service agent to Air Force One staircase to avoid falling

 February 25, 2024

President Joe Biden, aged 81, has been assigned an additional Secret Service agent to stand at the foot of the stairs leading to Air Force One as a precautionary measure, given his reported instances of stumbling while ascending the aircraft's stairs.

The decision comes in response to concerns over Biden's physical stability, as he has reportedly tripped and fallen on multiple occasions while boarding Air Force One.

The need

Recently, footage emerged showing President Biden nearly stumbling while climbing the steps of Air Force One, though he managed to steady himself using the handrail.

The aircraft has since been equipped with updated, shorter stairs, presumably to facilitate easier access for Biden.

Critics, particularly conservatives, have seized upon these incidents to cast doubt on Biden's fitness for office, with some mocking him as "falling apart in real time." Questions have arisen regarding both his mental acuity and physical stamina.

Extra precautions

The decision to install shorter stairs on Air Force One is seen by some as an acknowledgment of Biden's challenges in navigating the previous, longer staircase used for the presidential aircraft.

In response to these concerns, the White House has implemented additional measures to ensure Biden's safety.

Alongside military personnel, a Secret Service agent now stands at the base of the Air Force One stairs during boarding and disembarking procedures.

These developments have fueled broader speculation about Biden's ability to serve effectively as president. The issue gained further traction following the release of a report by Special Counsel Robert Hur, which raised questions about Biden's cognitive capabilities.

The report, spanning 388 pages, highlighted instances where Biden struggled to recall events and appeared to have difficulty reading and relaying information from his own notes during recorded conversations in 2017 and in a recent interview.

Questioning Biden

The convergence of these factors has prompted Americans to question whether Biden is fit to continue serving as president for another term.

Concerns over his physical and cognitive health have become a focal point of political discourse, with critics suggesting that these issues may impact his ability to carry out the duties of the presidency effectively.

As debates over Biden's fitness for office intensify, the installation of additional safety measures on Air Force One underscores the broader implications of his reported stumbling incidents and cognitive lapses on his presidency and the country as a whole.

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