Biden admin aims to cripple fossil fuel plants by 2040, EPA leading the charge

 April 24, 2023

As America continues its downward spiral on the energy independence front, President Joe Biden and his administration are reportedly gearing up to make the situation drastically worse. 

According to Fox News, coal- and natural gas-fired power plants will soon face unbearable, if not unsustainable, pressure to curb emissions to unrealistic numbers, or be forced to use expensive equipment used in "carbon capture" technology.

The report emerged from a New York Times piece that indicated the requirements for fossil fuel plants will have to be fully in place by 2040.

The outlet cited officials familiar with a draft of the plan, which is being spearheaded by Biden's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

"Dangerous air pollution"

An EPA spokesperson used all of the green climate warriors' talking points.

"But we have been clear from the start that we will use all of our legally-upheld tools, grounded in decades-old bipartisan laws, to address dangerous air pollution and protect the air our children breathe today and for generations to come," EPA spokesperson Maria Michalos said.

When pressed on details of the proposed plan that would undoubtedly cripple fossil fuel plants, she dodged.

"EPA cannot comment because the proposals are currently under interagency review," Michalos said.

"Ignoring last June's SCOTUS decision in West Virgina v. EPA, the rogue Biden regime plans another assault on our electricity grid by essentially requiring CO2 capture and storage for fossil fuel plants," Steve Milloy tweeted.

More information

Fox News noted:

An Office of Management and Budget filing from late last year stated that the EPA anticipates issuing a proposed rule for the action, described as a proposal to limit greenhouse gas emissions from existing fossil fuel-fired plants, in spring 2023 and promulgating a final rule by summer 2024. The filing noted there are no EPA regulations on the books limiting emissions from existing electric generating units.

Of the some 3,393 fossil fuel-fired power plants nationwide, 60% of American energy is derived from them, meaning that if even a fraction of them are forced to shutter, Americans will pay much higher prices than we're already paying to keep the lights on.

Michelle Bloodworth, the president and CEO of America’s Power, a coal power trade group, was one of many fossil fuel industry leaders unhappy and shocked by the aggressive push.

"The expected EPA regulation is just the latest in President Biden’s anti-fossil fuels agenda, coercing the retirement of electricity sources that are needed during the grid transition," Bloodworth said.

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