Biden admin. pivots to supporting Palestine after pro-Palestinian Democrats threaten him

 April 7, 2024

The administration of President Joe Biden has now clearly pivoted to supporting Palestine. 

It is likely no coincidence that this comes after pro-Palestinian Democrats, in key swing states, such as Michigan, threatened Biden by telling him that they would not vote for him in the 2024 presidential election if he continued to support Israel in its war on Hamas.

The latest sign that the Biden administration has shifted to supporting Palestine came on April 4, 2024, when U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken spoke at the NATO Summit.

This came after Biden's talk with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Biden told Netanyahu to...

During the press conference, Blinken revealed some of what Biden told Netanyahu during their phone conversation.

"President Biden spoke a short while ago with Prime Minister Netanyahu. The leaders discussed the situation in Gaza," Blinken said.

He continued, "The president emphasized the strikes on humanitarian workers and the overall humanitarian situation are unacceptable. He made clear the need for Israel to announce a series of specific, concrete, and measurable steps to address civilian harm, humanitarian suffering, and the safety of aid workers. He made clear that U.S. policy, with respect to GAZA, will be determined by our assessment of Israel's immediate actions on these steps."

Apparently, though, Biden did not stop there. According to Blinken, he went on to call for a ceasefire.

Blinken revealed that Biden "underscored, as well, that an immediate cease-fire is essential to stabilize and improve the humanitarian situation and protect innocent civilians and urged Prime Minister Netanyahu to conclude a deal without delay to bring the hostages home.

Cause and effect

It is worth remembering that the current situation between Israel and Hamas stems from the Oct. 7, 2023, attack that the terrorists carried out on the Israeli people.

Biden, initially, stood strongly behind Israel. But, a backlash ensued from pro-Palestinian Democrats. It is these same Democrats who have been imploring Biden, for months now, to call for a ceasefire.

Those who have stood behind Israel have opposed the ceasefire on the grounds that it would only help the terrorists. In fact, for a long time, Biden, too, agreed with this line of reasoning.

But, now, all of a sudden, Biden has decided to go ahead and tell Netanyahu that he needs to pursue a ceasefire.

Is it any coincidence that this is all taking place after pro-Palestinian Democrats threatened not to vote for Biden in the 2024 election? Is it any coincidence that this comes after the release of polls showing that Biden is in serious jeopardy of losing key swing states that have large populations of pro-Palestinian Democrats? We think not.

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