Biden admin says president will veto McCarthy's debt limit package

 April 26, 2023

The battle over the impending debt ceiling issue continues to rage.

This week, the White House fired shots at Republican leadership over the issue.

The statement

Biden's Office of Management and Budget released a Statement of Administration Policy Tuesday morning indicating that the administration "strongly opposes the Limit, Save, Grow Act of 2023, which is a reckless attempt to extract extreme concessions as a condition for the United States simply paying the bills it has already incurred."

"The President has been clear that he will not accept such attempts at hostage-taking. House Republicans must take default off the table and address the debt limit without demands and conditions, just as the Congress did three times during the prior Administration," the statement continued.

McCarthy's view

"The bill aims to raise the debt limit by $1.5 trillion or until the end of March 2024, while also capping discretionary government spending at fiscal 2022 levels," Fox News reported.

"House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., over the weekend, said House Republicans are 'the only ones in Washington that are actually putting a responsible plan out that will raise the debt limit,'" it added.

"McCarthy floated a plan last week that would pair $4.5 trillion in spending cuts with a $1.5 trillion increase in the $31.4 trillion U.S. debt limit," Reuters noted.

"He has said the House would vote on his bill this week and has also invited Biden to discuss the debt ceiling with him," it added.

The warning comes as Biden announced on Tuesday that he is officially running for reelection as president in 2024. Already the nation's oldest-serving president at 80, he would be 86 years old at the end of a second term.

Biden's first term has been known for historically high gas prices, rampant inflation, and a wide variety of shortages over the past two-plus years. He has also spoken and acted in ways that have led to numerous questions about his health if he served a second term.

The push to veto a GOP-led debt limit bill shows that Biden has no plans to work together for the common good of the American people. He instead appears focused on his own party's radical agenda regardless of the damage it has on the nation and its taxpayers.

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