Biden admin urges Euro nations to abstain from rebuking Iran over nuclear program: Report

 May 28, 2024

President Joe Biden once again showed the entire world how soft and weak he is on Iran -- one of America's top adversaries. 

The Obama-Biden-led nuclear deal years ago set the stage for Iran to advance its nuclear program, though on paper it essentially said it wouldn't. Thankfully, Donald Trump came along and nuked (no pun intended) the stupid deal.

But now Biden and his administration are back at it, this time pressing European allies to back off of its plans to rebuke the rogue, terrorist-haven Islamic Republic over its nuclear weapons advancement.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Iran has stockpiled its weapons-grade nuclear material to "near-record levels."

What's going on?

Britain and France have already planned to rebuke Iran at the upcoming International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) member state board, set to be held in early June.

The Biden administration, according to diplomats familiar with the situation, is lobbying the European countries to abstain from rebuking Iran, saying it has already pressured other countries into the same thing.

However, not surprisingly, U.S. officials have denied the lobbying efforts.

While it's unclear, officially, who's lying (probably not the diplomats), it's clearly a pressing concern that the world pressure Iran into the ground before it continues to advance its already advanced nuclear weapons program.

The outlet noted:

The differences are emerging as Western officials’ concerns have deepened about Iran’s nuclear activities.

On Monday, the U.N. atomic-energy agency reported that Iran’s stockpile of 60% highly enriched uranium rose 20.6 kilograms to 142.1 kg as of May 11 from three months earlier, its highest level to date.

American Jewish Committee responds

The American Jewish Committee made it clear in an X post that Iran needs to be stopped from advancing its nuclear capabilities at all costs, given the threat it poses to the world as a nuclear weapons-capable nation," the organization wrote.

It added, "The Islamic Republic of Iran is destabilizing the world. If the regime is allowed to develop nuclear capabilities, it will pose an existential threat to Israel, the region, and the world. European and American allies must take a strong stance by censuring Iran at the next IAEA Board of Governors meeting."

"They should also snap back UN sanctions, and the EU must list the IRGC as a terrorist organization. There can be no hesitation. Only clear moral and political leadership will ensure global security and stability."

Sadly, Iran will likely have free rein under Biden to do whatever it wants, and only if and until Trump is elected will America refocus on preventing such threats.

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