Biden administration considering amnesty-related executive order

 April 24, 2024

An election is nearing, so amnesty talks are once again in the headlines.

According to the Daily Mail, President Joe Biden is considering signing an executive order that would significantly impact the amnesty conversation in America, as it would "grant amnesty to the more than 1 million illegal immigrants who married U.S. citizens but were barred from receiving green cards."

The news comes as the Biden administration is finally taking a look -- if you can call it that -- at the illegal immigration situation at the southern U.S. border.

The EO would consider implementing a "parole in place" program.

What is it?

The program would essentially grant amnesty to at least one million illegals who were not granted citizenship after marrying a U.S. citizen.

The Daily Mail noted:

Some main reasons they are denied citizenship in these cases are if the individual has repeatedly entered the country illegally or forged legal documentation in the past.

To address this, the Biden administration is most heavily weighing a 'parole in place' program for spouses of U.S. citizens that were not initially granted citizenship, White House sources told The Wall Street Journal.

It was noted that the status would be temporary and that it would provide working rights for the illegals and a "pathway" to citizenship, though details on that pathway were not readily available.

The "parole in place" program will undoubtedly upset those against expanding any amnesty program, which is a majority of conservatives.

It was also noted that the EO would provide similar avenues for illegals at the border who can claim asylum through the controversial CBP One app.


Social media users reacted to the possibility of the new "amnesty" push, with many expressing great concern that it could lead into something much bigger down the road.

"Works for student loans. Works for illegals. Why not?" one X user wrote.

Another X user wrote, "I’m sure they just need to answer, “will you agree to fill out a ‘I vote for……’ early ballot?” Correct answer and they get to stay!!"

Only time will tell if the Biden administration actually goes through with it. Hopefully not.

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