Biden administration seeks to tenfold current electric car sales with new regulations

 April 10, 2023

According to reports, the Biden administration intends to propose some of the strictest automotive emission regulations in the world, with the goal of increasing sales of electric vehicles tenfold by 2032 so that up to 67 percent of new cars sold in the United States are electric vehicles.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administrator Michael Regan will announce the proposed limits on exhaust emissions on Wednesday in Detroit, Michigan, according to sources who spoke to the New York Times about the situation.

The EPA requirements are anticipated to result in electric vehicles comprising between 54 and 60 percent of all new cars sold in the United States by 2030, and between 64 and 67 percent by 2032, according to additional sources, according to Breitbart News.

This number would represent a significant increase in electric automobiles in the United States, given that only 5.8% of vehicles sold in 2017 were electric, as noted in the report. In addition, the new rule would be the most stringent so-called climate regulation issued by the federal government.

European Regulations

In the meantime, the European Union has enacted regulations regarding vehicle emissions that will eliminate the sale of all new gasoline-powered vehicles by 2035. Canada and the United Kingdom have also proposed regulations similar to those of Europe.

However, the new regulations will present significant obstacles for manufacturers, many of which are already struggling to develop electric vehicles.

The Times notes that while many automakers have already made substantial investments in the development of electric vehicles, few have committed to the level of commitment that the Biden administration is about to propose.

In addition, many of these manufacturers have already encountered supply chain issues that have slowed the production of electric vehicles. Even manufacturers who appear enthusiastic about developing electric models are reportedly uncertain as to whether enough consumers will purchase them.

Earlier Reports on The Industry

Recently, Breitbart News reported that Ford is losing billions of dollars on electric vehicles:

In that report, the company indicated that Ford Motor Company asserts that its electric vehicle (EV) division, "Ford Model e," is squandering billions of dollars and should be considered a startup.

Associated Press reports that Model e has lost $3 billion before taxes over the past two years and is expected to lose another $3 billion this year as the company invests in new technology.

In 2021, the "Model e" division of Ford incurred pretax losses of $900 million. In 2022, the amount was $2,1 billion. Ford reportedly believes that "Model e" will be profitable before taxes by the end of 2026, with a pretax profit margin of eight percent.

“As everyone knows, EV startups lose money while they invest in capability, develop knowledge, build (sales) volume and gain (market) share,” Ford Chief Financial Officer John Lawler said.

Conservative media has vowed to continue to cover the government's and automakers' obsession with electric vehicles.

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