Biden administration's promise to tackle 'root causes' of migration has failed

May 8, 2023

Over the past 2.5 years, Americans have been cheated. They've been cheated out of feeling safe, all because Vice President Kamala Harris couldn't do the one job she was assigned to do. 

In a recent New York Post piece, the vice president was torched for her lack of tackling the "root causes" of the migration issue.

President Joe Biden tasked her with the job right off the bat, but she's failed to deliver, to say the least.

Many believe, and understandably so, that the Biden administration simply wanted to make it appear as if it would do something about the situation, when in reality, it was nothing more than a publicity stunt.

Promises not kept

The Post's Mark Krikorian dissected what the White House promised versus what America actually got, and it's pitiful, to say the least.

He wrote:

Vice President Kamala Harris, the Root Causes Czarina, announced in February investment promises by some corporations for the Northern Triangle countries of Central America (El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras), that send many illegal immigrants north.

Krikorian added:

I suppose an “online learning platform” and “microloans to female entrepreneurs” might help some people, but the press release uses the words “commit” or “commitment” 30 times in a four-page document, literally in every paragraph, highlighting the fact the root-causes push is what in the tech industry they call vaporware — all press release and no substance.

He noted that "development aid" isn't the answer to fixing the problem at the border. Enforcing border laws would cover that much more effectively.

"Much of the money is siphoned off by international organizations and kleptocratic governments, and the top-down projects are often irrelevant, at best," Krikorian added.

It was explained that while economic development can work in some instances, it's a very long, drawn-out process -- to the tune of years and decades, which certainly doesn't tackle the crisis America is currently experiencing.


But economic development has a long list of drawbacks that can still spur people to want to move away.

"Development creates disruptions that can cut people loose from established patterns and cause them to look abroad," Krikorian wrote.

He said that development also "raises expectations" faster than local economies and residents can accommodate, forcing them to look elsewhere -- other countries -- to reside.

With Title 42 expiring this week, America will face an unprecedented safety risk like never before. If you thought it was bad now, and it is, just wait for the coming weeks to see the real nightmare unfold, brought to courtesy of the Biden administration.

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