Biden aides afraid to give him advice on Hunter situation: Report

 August 20, 2023

President Joe Biden tends to severely downplay his son Hunter Biden's legal woes, but behind closed doors at the White House, it's a significantly serious issue. 

According to Breitbart, most of Biden's aides are at the point where they're afraid to offer advice to the president on how to deal with his son's legal scandals, afraid it will further upset the elderly Biden who's already "consumed" by the issue, according to sources familiar with what's happening behind the curtain.

The Washington Post cited many of Biden aides and staffers as being reluctant to speak their minds on the matter, which has already had a negative effect on his 2024 reelection ambitions.

While he might smile at the camera or insult a reporter regarding questions about his son, President Biden is clearly worried sick about it.

Insiders spill the tea

Citing information from a half-dozen current and former Biden administration staffers, the president reacts negatively to ideas on how to navigate the legal troubles his son faces, including how it affects Joe Biden politically.

"Inside the White House, most aides strenuously avoid discussing Hunter’s troubles with the president, believing their contributions and ideas would not be welcome," the Post reported last week.

The Post added, "[O]nly a small group of longtime trusted aides are engaged in conversations about how to handle family matters."

The situation is dire, to say the least, as Hunter Biden's investigation will eventually be played out in a trial after his "sweetheart" plea deal fell apart last month in front of a federal judge.

Biden has reportedly "angrily dismissed" aides who have come forward with solutions and ideas on how to move forward, especially given the high-stakes reelection campaign Joe Biden is currently trying to run.

"Hands off my family"

Biden reportedly snapped at one aide, saying "hands off my family" when approached with ideas.

Social media reacted to the news, with many indicating they weren't surprised by Joe Biden's handling of the evolving situation.

"What would expect from the "smartest man in the room", as Biden likes to think of himself?," one X user wrote.

Another X user wrote, "It seems that Biden will not be able to handle any questions regarding Hunter. He is not emotionally able to cope and it feels like a matter of time before he creates more issues for both of them."

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