Biden appoints Obama-era lawyer to chief White House legal spot

 August 23, 2023

He'll lie to reporters' faces and downplay it all day, but President Joe Biden is clearly worried about the fate of his son's investigations, and presumably how they have the likelihood of implicating him. 

According to the Daily Caller, President Biden displayed that concern in a big way recently after hiring high-powered Obama-era attorney Ed Siskel to guide him through the inevitable legal hurdles.

Siskel will assume the chief legal White House position as House Republicans continue to investigate the president's ties to Hunter Biden's foreign influence-peddling operation.

Clearly, Biden is looking for all the help he can get, as he presumably knows the situation will worsen, significantly, before it changes.

White House downplays

Biden's White House, which recently called the Republicans' ongoing efforts a "wild goose chase," is undoubtedly taking the matter seriously off camera.

The Daily Caller noted:

Biden’s White House Counsel’s office has largely dismissed the Republican investigations into the Biden family, with office spokesperson Ian Sams comparing the whistleblowers who testified before the House Oversight to characters from “Dumb and Dumber” and denouncing the investigation as a “wild goose chase.”

Siskel will replace Stuart Delery, who made headlines last week after Biden announced his resignation.

Aside from serving as a top Obama lawyer, Siskel also worked for former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Biden's statement

The president released a statement on his new hiring of Siskel for the chief legal job in the Oval Office.

"Ed Siskel’s many years of experience in public service and a career defending the rule of law make him the perfect choice to serve as my next White House Counsel," Biden said in a statement.

He added, "For nearly four years in the White House when I was Vice President, he helped the Counsel’s Office navigate complex challenges and advance the President’s agenda on behalf of the American people, and first as a federal prosecutor and then as the top counsel for one of America’s biggest and most vibrant cities, his hometown of Chicago, Ed has shown a deep commitment to public service and respect for the law."

With everything happening Biden's orbit, as he attempts to navigate a 2024 reelection campaign, Siskel certainly has his work cut out for him.

Only time will tell if he can guide Biden out of hot legal waters, but it's looking less likely by the day.

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