Biden approves migrants at NYC airfield despite local opposition

 August 24, 2023

The Biden administration has supported a New York plan to allow over 2,000 single male migrants to live at a former naval airfield in New York City.

The location in Brooklyn has received strong pushback from residents unhappy with the massive influx of new neighbors.

The protest

"On Tuesday, residents in southeast Brooklyn protested New York Gov. Kathy Hochul’s (D) plan to turn Floyd Bennett Field, owned by the federal government, into a massive migrant camp," Breitbart News reported.

"During the protest, former GOP candidate for New York City mayor Curtis Sliwa blamed Biden’s lax enforcement of federal immigration law for the more than 100,000 migrants that have arrived in the city since the spring of last year," it noted.

Jobs too

"Hochul also announced more help to get asylum seekers legal work status. She said the state would give New York City another $20 million so more than 30,000 asylum seekers can file for work permits to get jobs and exit already overflowing shelters," the New York Post reported.

"Word that the former naval air station, housed in the Gateway National Recreation Area, would be available came after the feds rebuked Hochul’s plan to use the 1,300-acre-plus (2-square-mile) venue for emergency shelter," it added.

The plan

"Hochul said she had not yet reviewed the terms of the proposed lease, but that she expects approval to house 2,000 migrants at the former airfield — though there’s capacity for more and she’s hoping to expand it later. She said the space will be heated and air conditioned and available for use in the coming winter months," the Gothamist reported.

"The shelter, once approved and built, will be made available to single adults, Hochul said. In theory, that will help clear up space in hotels for women, children and families, she said," it noted.

The partnership between the city, state and federal government appears positive but locals aren't convinced that the plan is a good idea.

The massive number of people living in one location could serve as the source of new problems for the region that is already burdened by the influx of new people.

The story continues to unfold as the city that once promoted itself as a sanctuary city scrambles to deal with those taking the town up on its offer.

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