Biden backlash ensues over abrupt exit during Medal of Freedom ceremony

 September 6, 2023

Oops, he did it again.

President Joe Biden got everyone talking on Tuesday when he left in the middle of a Medal of Freedom ceremony, before it had finished and before the closing prayer. 

Biden awarded the medal to retired Army Capt. Larry Taylor, 81, who fought in Vietnam. After putting the medal around his neck, however, he walked out, and when videos of him doing so surfaced on social media, so did people's ire.

"Lack of respect"

“Pardon my French…But what a f—ing idiot. The continuous lack of respect Biden has for anyone is appalling. Hawaii, Service members, active shooter victims, the list goes on,” former Navy SEAL and podcast host Shawn Ryan tweeted after the president’s hasty exit.

“At least he didn’t check his watch this time,” Army veteran Rep. Wesley Hunt (R-TX) snarkily said on X, referring to the time Biden looked at his watch in the middle of a ceremony honoring the 13 soldiers killed during the disastrous Afghan pullout.

Intentional or just senile?

The White House also cut the feed to the ceremony right after Biden left, so the benediction by Chaplain Brig. Gen. William Green Jr. was never seen.

Other observers didn't know whether he left the ceremony intentionally or just wandered away in that doddering way he has developed since taking office.

“Do you think this was done on purpose or just is it more senile moments? I think the guy is so self-absorbed he makes blunders like this. God this man is a massive embarrassment to our nation,” Gun Owners of America state director for Indiana Tim Harmsen wrote.


Whether it was senility or he just had somewhere else he had to be, it came across as inauthentic and conveyed a mixed message about honoring a man who faithfully served his country.

No wonder people reacted badly to his actions.

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