Biden blasted for failing to stand up to Iran over American hostages

November 27, 2023

President Joe Biden has been criticized for not standing up to Iran for its role in hostages in Gaza, including Americans.

Rep. Pat Fallon (R-TX) argued that Biden's weakness has led to over 50 days of hostages held by terrorists.

The criticisms

“Israel exerted so much pressure that Hamas was willing to take a break. And, of course, they got 150 Palestinian prisoners from Israel as well,” Fallon said, according to

“So, they got that, and they got the pause that they needed. Biden, you know what they say: even small successes like this have a thousand fathers and defeat an orphan. If Joe Biden was so crucial, why aren’t any Americans being freed right now? I think that’s very telling," it added.

The disrespect

"Hamas just released the first American, Abigail Idan, a double orphan after terrorists murdered her parents and forced her to spend her 4th birthday in captivity in Gaza," Newsmax correspondent Daniel Cohen said on X.

"The fact she wasn’t freed until the 3rd hostage group shows how little our enemies respect President Biden," he noted.

The American hostages

"Abigail is the first American freed out of 10 who are thought to be Hamas captives. The others include two women and seven men; one of them is a lawful permanent resident, or green card holder, according to Sullivan," ABC News reported.

"Abigail's parents were killed in front of her during the October attack in southern Israel, Sullivan said on 'This Week' -- describing what she endured as 'unspeakable.' She marked her most recent birthday just two days ago," it noted.

The Biden administration also downplayed the number of American hostages until recently, with the public unaware that 10 Americans are held by Hamas.

The number is in addition to 240 Israelis held by the terror group, with much work underway to obtain the freedom of more hostages.

The fact that there are still Americans held by Hamas after more than 50 days shows Biden's losses already, leaving Americans once again angry over his handling of foreign affairs.

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