Biden brags about 'breaking the law' and defying SCOTUS on student debt cancellation

 February 24, 2024

The U.S. Supreme Court isn't a fan of President Joe Biden's insistence that he has the power to cancel student loan debt, but the 81-year-old president doesn't seem to care. 

According to Fox News, Biden recently announced he's doubling down on his efforts to cancel more student loan debt, even bragging that he doesn't mind "breaking the law" in order to do so.

Any reasonable person understands exactly why he's making such moves, as one of the fastest ways to garner votes from groups one struggles with is to simply buy them.

The U.S. Supreme Court has blocked Biden's efforts to cancel billions in student loan debt, but the Biden administration doesn't care.

What's happening?

During a speech at Julian Dixon Library in Culver City, California, Biden reiterated that he's just fine with defying the high court on the matter.

"Early in my term, I announced a major plan to provide millions of working families with debt relief for their college student debt," Biden said.

He added, "Tens of millions of people in debt were literally about to be canceled in debts. But my MAGA Republican friends in the Congress, elected officials and special interests stepped in and sued us. And the Supreme Court blocked it. But that didn’t stop me."

"But that didn't stop me" is a pretty rich phrase coming from someone whose party has run on insisting that Republicans are "destroying Democracy."

That irony wasn't lost on many social media users.

Social media reacts

Social media users pounced on the elderly, often-confused president for his asinine remarks.

"Just another example of our lawless President, this time claiming he has authority to forgive debt, he does not, he can only postpone it. He refuses to protect our southern border, repudiating his oath of office. This man must be impeached. He is the threat to Democracy," one X user wrote.

Another X user wrote, "He breaks the law every time he opens his mouth. I think maybe it's congress that has the authority to cancel loans. People who the out these loans should be made to pay them back."

While Biden might have bought the loyalty of a few uniformed younger voters, it still won't be enough to overcome how poorly he's performing.

" A free people [claim] their rights, as derived from the laws of nature."
Thomas Jefferson
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