Biden Cabinet Secretary Marcia Fudge resigns

 March 12, 2024

In an ominous sign for Joe Biden, one of his top officials is quitting just months ahead of the presidential election.

Housing Secretary Marcia Fudge is abandoning ship, citing family obligations and the "crazy" election season, which could end with Biden getting a pink slip from voters.

"Don't look for me to ever be on another ballot or another appointee or anything like that," she told USA Today. 

She said she has done "everything" in her power to alleviate the housing crunch "as we go into this crazy, silly season of an election."

Biden Cabinet Secretary resigns

Fudge is only the second Cabinet secretary to resign from the Biden administration, after Labor Secretary Marty Walsh did the same last year.

Her departure comes as Biden struggles to clear up mounting doubts about his age and an overall mood of pessimism that has pervaded the country. Fudge's role is notable in context of the election, with housing being one of the top issues.

"'It is not a red or blue issue,'' she said. "Everybody knows that it is an issue so it's not a one-sided issue. It's an American issue.''

Sky-high prices and interest rates have left homes out of reach for first-time buyers, putting a damper on Biden's boasts about the economy.

Despite these challenges, Biden offered breathless praise of Fudge's tenure.

"Under Marcia’s transformational leadership, we have worked hard to lower housing costs and increase supply," he said.

"Thanks to Secretary Fudge, we’ve helped first-time homebuyers, and we are working to cut the cost of renting. And there are more housing units under construction right now than at any time in the last 50 years.”

Housing crisis looms large

The president's new proposal to subsidize home buyers with tax credits has been criticized, with many saying it will fuel more inflation by raising demand without addressing supply problems.

Biden's other proposals to fix the housing market include a dormant push for $25,000 in down payment assistance to help members of "disadvantaged" racial groups.

Fudge, a former Ohio mayor and congresswoman, was appointed to boost Biden's controversial "equity" agenda, which involves showing favor to certain racial groups held to be underprivileged.

“The people HUD [Housing and Urban Development] serves are those who are often left out and left behind,” Fudge said.

“These are my people. They serve as my motivation for everything we have been able to accomplish,” she added.

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