Biden calls Harris 'President' for the 7th time

November 14, 2023

On the heels of seeming to forget what to do when laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on Veteran's Day, President Joe Biden made another embarrassing gaffe on Monday when he addressed Vice President Kamala Harris as "President Harris."

"President Harris is here to make sure we do it the right way," he said at the start of an event welcoming Stanley Cup Winners the Las Vegas Golden Knights to the White House for a celebratory visit.

This gaffe is one that Yahoo News reports he has done at least six other times in public, even though everyone knows that he is the president, not Harris.

He later mispronounced Harris's first name when referring to her. That had to be awkward for his guests.

Trump does it too: AP

The Associated Press has been quick to point out that former President Donald Trump, age 77 but seemingly much more vibrant and energetic than Biden, has made his share of flubs on the campaign trail recently.

Apparently, he forgot what city he was in once while campaigning in October, and he keeps pronouncing Hamas "hummus."

Compared to Biden's numerous gaffes and seeming memory lapses, though, Trump seems fit as a fiddle.

If only he could get the 91 charges against him dismissed and stop calling people names on social media, he'd be the perfect candidate.

What is Biden hiding?

Biden could get all the accusations about having dementia dismissed in a heartbeat if he would take a cognitive test, but he has refused to do so since before he was elected in 2020.

His doctor has chronicled a few ongoing minor physical health problems, but has cleared him to run again in 2024.

It seems likely that he has at some point had a cognitive test, but has not made it public. This tells us that his campaign is hiding something, and it wouldn't be anything good.

Anyone who has been around dementia patients can clearly see the signs, however: becoming easily confused, shouting angrily when challenged even though as a politician he should know better, forgetting simple procedures for ceremonies, and even the awkward shuffling he does are all part of the disease.

President Dementia

We need a president that's on top of his game to navigate the world today, in the grip of two major wars and possibly on the brink of several more.

Another five years of President Dementia may put the nails in the coffin of our country's decline, to the point that we will never be able to come back.

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Thomas Jefferson
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