Biden calls in Obama to bail out his failing presidential campaign

 May 27, 2024

President Joe Biden has, once again, called in former President Barack Obama to help bail out his failing reelection campaign. 

Obama, as the reader likely knows, has been working hard to get Biden another term, participating in interviews and glitzy fundraisers.

Last week, the New York Times reported that Biden even called Obama into a dinner that the White House held for the African country Kenya.

Here's how the Times put it, "The state dinner was held in honor of the African nation, but it was clear that the night was about keeping Democratic allies close as President Biden heads into the heat of the 2024 campaign season."

"Clutching domestic allies"

One would think that the point of a dinner for Kenya would be to honor Kenya, but, according to the Times, this was simply not the case. Instead, it was to "clutch domestic allies."

The Times writes:

State dinners are best known as bear hugs for overseas allies, and Thursday’s honoree was Kenya. But the sixth state dinner of President Biden’s term was designed to clutch domestic allies — not the least of them Mr. Obama, whose father was Kenyan — even tighter as the president makes the long slog toward November.

The Times goes on to report that Obama was not expected to be at the event - that he was not listed on the guest list that had been published by the White House.

Regarding the guest list, the Times describes it as "people Mr. Biden will want to bring closer into the fold in the months ahead," including, "elected officials in several battleground states, influential Black political operatives, and powerful philanthropists, like Melinda French Gates."

In other words, the White House is calling upon the big guns to help Biden's failing reelection campaign.

The biggest gun

It has to be Obama. As mentioned earlier, he is working extremely hard to get Biden reelected.

In March, Obama participated in a New York City fundraiser alongside Biden and former President Bill Clinton.

At the time, the Associated Press reported, "Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and some big names from the entertainment world teamed up Thursday night to deliver a rousing New York embrace of President Joe Biden that hauled in a record-setting $26 million-plus for his reelection campaign."

Biden is getting ready to hold another star-studded fundraiser with Obama in June. It is expected to feature an onstage conversation between Biden and Obama, which suggests that it is designed so that Obama can make Biden look better than he actually is.

There is no doubt that the event will be a success. Whether Biden's reelection will be a success, though, is a different story.

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