Biden campaign acknowledges tight race in key swing state of Nevada

 March 22, 2024

The Biden re-election campaign conceded that the battle for Nevada has become a "jump ball" as President Trump begins to show strong momentum in the heavily Latino swing state. 

A new Emerson College poll found Trump three points ahead in the state, leading Biden officials to concede the race is "basically a jump ball right now, with a lot of undecided voters."

Democrats have won Nevada in every presidential election for the last 20 years, making Biden's vulnerability there a troubling sign for his campaign.

Biden vulnerable in Nevada

How Biden performs in Nevada could echo nationally, given the state's high Latino and working-class population.

During a trip to Nevada this week, Biden sought to win Hispanic voters back by dialing up his attacks on Trump and his immigration rhetoric.

Biden claimed his rival "despises" Hispanics, despite polls showing that the demographic is tilting toward Trump.

"He separated kids and parents at the border, and encaged children. Planning mass deportations of literally several million people who are here in the country. Several million people. And he wants to end birthright citizenship. I mean, this guy despises Latinos," Biden told Univision.

Nevada slammed by "Bidenomics"

It's unclear if Biden's demagoguery will be enough to overcome economic anxiety in the state, which has the highest unemployment in the nation and some of the worst gas prices.

Nationally, Biden's fight against inflation is slowing, and housing is the least affordable it has been in decades. The issue was at the top of Biden's mind in Las Vegas on Tuesday.

"What my dad used to always say was, the way you build equity in your home was the way you build wealth. So that when you build enough equity in your home, then you have enough money to borrow to get something new and move, and so on," he said.

Biden carried Nevada in the 2020 election by just over 2 points. This year, he is also showing signs of weakness in critical swing states that he flipped blue for the first time in decades, such as Georgia and Arizona.

"Every battleground state will be close, and Nevada ... will be no different," said Dan Kanninen, the battleground states director for Biden's campaign.

"We have a strong record to run on in the state and a battle-tested operation at the helm that is putting in the work to win."

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