Biden campaign launch overshadowed by doubts about age, economic performance

 May 15, 2023

Voters have little confidence in President Biden's ability to steward the economy as he seeks re-election in 2024, a new poll found.

Just 35 percent of voters have at least some confidence in Biden's economic management, a five point drop since last year.

The drop reflects the darkening mood among consumers and on Wall Street, with many seeing a recession as increasingly inevitable.

Another bad poll

Democrats are the outliers, with 77 president expressing confidence in Biden compared to 31 percent of independents.

The poll also found low confidence in Fed Chair Jerome Powell, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, and the leadership of both major political parties, although confidence was slightly higher in Republicans than Democrats.

38 percent reported at least some confidence in the GOP compared to 34 percent who said the same of Democrats. 37 percent are confident in Yellen and 38 percent are confident in Powell.

The Federal Reserve has continued to hike interest rates in an effort to control stubborn inflation, triggering fears the central bank will cause a recession despite Powell's predictions of a "soft landing." It wasn't long ago that officials called inflation "transitory."

Biden launched his re-election campaign last month, with the same messaging about "democracy" and the "soul of the nation" as in 2020. He has since reiterated his claim that "white supremacy" is the greatest threat to the nation, a bizarre, abstract claim in such times of economic peril.

Biden faces skeptical nation

Biden is also facing persistent and rising doubts about his age and mental acuity.

A sobering ABC News/Washington Post poll found voters are not at all confident in Biden's ability to do his job, with a whopping 68 percent saying he's too old. The same poll found that Biden would lose a re-match to President Trump by seven points.

Biden has sought to dismiss concerns about his age with time-tested spin, saying he has "wisdom." But those words will ring hollow if Biden's mismanagement causes the economy to bottom out.

With talks over the debt ceiling at a stalemate, Biden, who pledged to take responsibility in 2020, has sought to preemptively blame Republicans in case the government goes into default.

"This is no time to put all this at risk, to threaten a recession, to undermine America's standing in the world. Republican threats are dangerous and they make no sense," he said.

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