Biden campaign will unveil new ad during NFL game

 September 6, 2023

While President Joe Biden has long struggled with abysmal approval ratings, a new report suggests that he hopes to find an ally in football fans.

According to USA Today, the president's campaign has purchased time for an advertisement during this Thursday's game between the Detroit Lions and Kansas City Chiefs.

Ad claims "President Biden is getting results that matter"

The ad features clips from television news reports which highlight how economic conditions have supposedly improved since Biden took office.

"They said millions would lose their jobs and the economy would collapse. But this president refused to let that happen," a narrator can be heard saying.

"Instead he got to work fixing supply chains, fighting corporate greed, passing laws to lower the cost of medicine, cut utility, and make us more energy independent," the narrator continued.

The advertisement concludes with the narrator declaring, "There's more to do, but President Biden is getting results that matter."

President says "Bidenomics" is "lowering costs for hard working families"

Biden followed the ad up with a video posted to Twitter in which he touted the purported achievements of "Bidenomics," declaring, "Creating jobs and lowering costs for hard working families, that's Bidenomics."

Michael Tyler serves as the Biden campaign's communications director, and USA Today cited a statement from him that read, "This buy sends a clear message that we are running an aggressive, winning campaign."

However, a poll carried out just over a month ago by YouGov suggests that many Americans have a far less rosy view of Biden's economic record.

Two thirds of Americans say the economy is "bad"

The survey found that 65% of respondents said the economy is "bad" compared with only 29% who characterize it as being "good."

When asked what words they associate with the country's current economic climate, 61% said "struggling" while another 51% picked "uncertain." In contrast, only 15% and 11% chose "rebounding" and "expanding," respectively.

What's more, 70% complained that their work income is not keeping pace with inflation. Thirty-five percent indicated that they are personally "falling behind" and another 52% said they are only "staying in place."

Sixty-nine percent expressed the view that prices have been "going up" in recent weeks while 25% said they are "staying the same." A mere 6% believed that prices have been on the decline.

Forty-four percent argued that Biden's policies bear "a great deal" of responsibility for the economy's condition and another 36% say they are "somewhat" responsible. Only 20% felt that they are "not very" or "not at all" responsible.

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