Biden caught on camera with a 'cheat sheet'

 March 16, 2024

President Joe Biden was just caught on camera using a "cheat sheet." 

The New York Post reports that the incident took place on Friday, when Biden, in the White House's Oval Office, met with Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar.

Varadkar, according to the outlet, did not show up at the meeting alone. Rather, he came with  Nick Miller, the Irish government press secretary, Brian Murphy, his chief of staff, Philip O’Callaghan, his deputy chief of staff, and Geraldine Byrne Nason, Irish ambassador to the US.

Varadkar and the others came to America for Capitol Hill's annual Friends of Ireland luncheon.

The cheat sheet

During the meetup, Biden was holding cards in his hands, and, at one point, the cameras managed to capture what was on the cards.

"Photographs showed Biden holding a card with a photograph of Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar that identified who he was and which country he represents, one photograph shows," the Daily Caller reports.

The outlet adds, "The sheet further identified the meeting as an 'Official Working Visit' and a 'Bilateral Meeting with President Biden.'"

At this point, it is worth noting that this is not the first time that Biden and Varadkar have met. The two also met in the Oval Office during a St. Patrick's Day visit in 2023.

The cheat cards, according to the Post, also contained information about some of the Irish individuals who accompanied Varadkar to America.

It's not the first time...

This is not the first time that Biden, during his tenure as the U.S. president, has been caught using cheat sheets. Another incident, for example, occurred just last year.

In April 2023, the New York Post reported, "A cheat sheet held by President Biden during a Wednesday press conference revealed that the 80-year-old commander-in-chief had advance knowledge of a question from a journalist."

The outlet added, "Another cheat sheet held the names of other Biden administration officials to show the order in which remarks would be delivered at the press conference."

The use of cheat sheets has raised further concerns about Biden's mental capacity. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, however, claims that the use of cheat sheets is "entirely normal for a president."

In response to the April 2023 incident, Jean-Pierre said, "It is entirely normal for a president to be briefed on reporters who will be asking questions at a press conference and issues that we expect they might ask about."

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