Biden caught on video stumbling up Air Force One steps

 February 24, 2024

President Joe Biden has, once again, tripped on the steps of Air Force One. 

This time, however, there was a twist.

The New York Post reports that Biden actually fell up the aircraft's "short" staircase.

This makes the incident even more embarrassing for Biden, given that these are the very steps that Biden has switched to in order to prevent this sort of thing from happening. Yet, it happened anyway.

Biden's most recent stumble

Unfortunately for Biden, the incident was caught on camera. Take a look:

This video footage is from Tuesday, when Biden boarded Air Force One for his trip to Los Angeles, California.

The 15-second clip shows Biden saluting the military personnel before embarking on his journey up the stairs. As Biden ascends the staircase, it is clear that he is concentrating on not falling. There is an obvious tension in his gait.

Biden's focus, however, did not pay off. He trips at least twice while walking up the steps. If there is a bright spot here, it is that, unlike on previous occasions, Biden did manage to make it to the top of the staircase without completely falling down.

It was the "short" staircase

The Washington Examiner reports that Biden has been using the "short" stairs since last year.

Per the outlet, "Air Force One has two different ladders the president uses to board before flights. One is longer and allows the president to board to a higher point on the plane, while the other, with fewer steps, allows boarding to a lower point. Biden began using the shorter stairs after various trips and falls last year."

This is one of several safety precautions that the Biden administration has taken in order to try to protect Biden's image.

Polling has made it clear that Americans have serious doubts about Biden's mental and physical fitness, particularly as he seeks a second term in office. Accordingly, the last thing that the White House wants is for Biden to do anything in public that would reinforce the voter's belief that Biden is too old for the job. Hence, the safety precautions.

They didn't get the job done this time, though. It appears that, if the administration wants to prevent Biden from falling on stairs, it is going to have to implement more aggressive measures.

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