Biden celebrates prosecutions of hundreds of J6 participants during anniversary speech

 January 7, 2024

President Joe Biden's Department of Justice has relentlessly pursued the people who took part in the Jan. 6 Capitol protest and riot. 

Many believe that a large portion of those who have been prosecuted have been unfairly targeted and given heavy-handed sentences for actions that otherwise wouldn't have sparked such punishments.

Regardless, President Biden, during a recent speech to mark the three-year anniversary of the Capitol riot, celebrated his Justice Department's body count.

Biden celebrated the hundreds of prosecutions on Friday during a speech in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania.

What did he say?

The elderly president, who's currently tanking in the polls and struggling to convince voters that he's worth of a second term, not only celebrated the prosecutions but also took shots at former President Donald Trump.

"Since that day, more than 1,200 people have been charged for their assault on the Capitol, and nearly 900 of them have been convicted or pled guilty. Collectively to date, they have been sentenced to more than 840 years in prison," Biden said.

He added, "What’s Trump done? Instead of calling them criminals, he’s called these insurrectionists ‘patriots’ … and he promises to pardon them if he returns to office."

"Trump said they’re was a lot of love on January 6. The rest of the nation, including law enforcement, saw a lot of hate and violence."

Biden continued, "Whether democracy is still America’s sacred cause is what the 2024 election is all about."

“The choice is clear. Donald Trump’s campaign is about him, not America, not you. Donald Trump’s campaign is obsessed with the past, not the future. He’s willing to sacrifice our democracy to put himself in power. Our campaign is different.”

The Daily Wire noted:

The vast majority of the charges — 1,186 — are for “entering or remaining in a restricted federal building or grounds.” Some who weren’t even present at the Capitol on January 6 have also been sentenced.

Social media reacts

Many were quick to torch the president for using the day to score political points. Most comments were in strong disagreement with the way the J6 participants were prosecuted.

"The applause should infuriate people. Vast majority should never have seen prison time," one X user wrote.

Another user wrote, "This is ghoulish. He's taking a victory lap about locking up grandma's who were invited inside the Capitol building by police to 840 years in prison."

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