Report: Hunter Biden claimed poverty in Arkansas child support hearing after arriving on expensive private jet

May 21, 2023

Lawyers for Hunter Biden claimed during a recent court hearing that the president's son essentially lived in poverty and couldn't afford the monthly child support payments he was previously ordered by the court to pay for the daughter he fathered out of wedlock with an Arkansas woman.

Yet, it was just revealed that the purportedly impoverished Biden showed up to that Arkansas court hearing on May 1 in a multi-million dollar private jet, according to the New York Post.

Private jet owned by Biden benefactor Morris

The private jet has been identified as a 2001 Dassault Falcon 50 valued at around $6 million that had previously been owned by country singer Brad Paisley but was now registered to a California-based company known as Plato LLC, of which the principal owner is Hollywood attorney Kevin Morris -- who has emerged in recent years as a rather generous financial benefactor for Hunter Biden.

According to flight records reviewed by the Post, the private jet registered to Morris left Los Angeles, California on the morning of April 30 and landed later at Dulles Airport in Washington D.C. before taking back off again for a flight to a small municipal airport in the northeastern Arkansas town of Newport.

That small airport is located a little more than 30 miles from the Independence County Courthouse in the small town of Batesville where Biden appeared in person, at the order of the judge, for a hearing on May 1 on his request to reduce his child support payments.

Shortly after that hearing concluded, the private jet left Arkansas on a flight back to D.C. and then returned to California for a total round-trip cost of anywhere from $55,000 to $115,000, per aviation experts interviewed by the Post -- which is roughly equivalent to between two to six months worth of the reported $20,000 per month child support payments Biden is seeking to reduce.

Morris' financial support of Biden mentioned in child support hearing

During that May 1 court hearing, according to The Washington Free Beacon, Hunter Biden's team of high-priced attorneys argued that the president's son no longer had a steady stream of income aside from the occasional anonymous sale of his artwork and could no longer afford to pay $20,000 per month in child support.

The attorneys further asserted that Biden was so poor that he'd been forced to sleep on a cot in a hotel room shared with his presidential father during a trip to Ireland in April as well as that a Porsche Biden previously owned had been repossessed.

Biden was now driving around in an unspecified vehicle provided to him by Morris, who the lawyers revealed was also providing other financial support to the cash-strapped Biden. When asked by the judge why Morris was so generous toward Biden, prominent D.C. attorney Abbe Lowell replied, "I think the answer will be because he’s a friend and cares about the client."

Biden's use of Morris' private jet to attend that court hearing was not known at that time and therefore did not come up, but the attorneys for the child's mother did point out that Biden had assembled a team of "some of the most expensive attorneys on planet Earth" and suggested that that was indicative of his ability to continue making the same child support payments he had previously been ordered to pay.

The generosity of Morris toward Biden

Breitbart recently reported that Kevin Morris, a successful Hollywood attorney with a stable of well-known celebrity clients, is said to have first met and befriended Hunter Biden during a 2019 campaign event in support of Joe Biden's presidential bid, and has since become a sort of "fixer" and "sugar brother" for Biden.

Some of the financial assistance Morris has reportedly given to Biden includes help publishing his memoir in 2021, paying off a $2 million-plus delinquent IRS tax bill, and paying the $30,000 per month rent for Biden for a Malibu apartment in California.

He is also alleged to have had a hand in forging the agreement for Biden to sell his artwork to supposedly anonymous buyers through a New York City gallery and is also reportedly a part of the legal team representing Biden in multiple congressional probes and a federal investigation into alleged tax and gun crimes.

Perhaps the most questionable revelation about Morris, however, per Breitbart, are reports that he now owns a controlling stake in a company known as Skaneateles LLC, which holds a ten percent stake in the Chinese-owned BHR Partners investment firm -- which is interesting because Biden previously helped found both Skaneateles and BHR Partners but purportedly divested himself from both companies in 2021 after his father took up residence in the White House.

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