Biden debating Trump would 'risk exposing' president to supporters: Report

 April 30, 2024

Former President Donald Trump is more than ready to debate 81-year-old President Joe Biden -- anytime, anywhere. 

The thought of that happening, according to Fox News, has Biden's handlers freaking out, as they're reportedly hesitant to let the elderly president face Trump in what would be nothing short of an absolute disaster for Biden's campaign.

Those fears were on full display during an interesting NBC's "Meet the Press" interview on Sunday.

Politico politics bureau chief Jonathan Martin believes Biden's handlers are "concerned" about a possible debate in that it would "risk exposing" the elderly, gaffe-prone president.

What did he say?

The discussion came in the wake of a recent surprise interview between Biden and shock jock Howard Stern. Biden told Stern he would be "happy" to debate Trump, though many doubt his sincerity in that statement.

Martin even admitted that Biden voters don't want to see him go up against Trump, as it would be nothing less than a total humiliating and political bloodbath.

"I’m curious what Jen Psaki’s reaction would have been like, if she was still in the White House, when she heard President Biden blurt out during a live interview that he was gonna debate," said Martin.

He added, "Because Biden folks don’t want him to debate. They don’t want to give Trump that platform and risk exposing Biden like that on national TV."

Psaki, who was on the panel during Martin's interview, said that the problem is that Biden also can't say "no" to such a challenge, as it would make him look "weak."

"I was thinking, if I was in my old job from two years ago, you also don’t want him to say ‘no,’ because ‘no’ is weak, and ‘no’ is fear, so you have to say ‘yes,’" Psaki said. "They both have to say ‘yes.’ Now, whether this happens, we all know there’s lots of things that need to be negotiated."

"Ground to make up"

Martin also said that if Biden agrees to a debate over the summer, it will look as though he has "ground to make up."

"I think it will be a tell for us this summer that Biden has got ground to make up still," Martin said.

Other panelists hesitantly agreed, at least subtly, that Biden will have an extremely tough time debating Trump on the issues, which include current happenings in the Middle East and the primary issue -- the economy.

Trump has offered to debate Biden on several occasions. Currently, the White House hasn't hinted one way or another if they'll let Sleepy Joe be humiliated on television by Trump in a debate.

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