Biden delivers another rant on 'MAGAnomics' as son is indicted

 September 15, 2023

Joe Biden delivered a speech in Maryland blasting Republicans as "extreme" on the same day that his son was indicted on gun charges. 

Biden bragged about the supposed prosperity Americans are enjoying thanks to him and his "Bidenomics," while painting Republican "MAGA-nomics" as a threat to the middle class.

Perhaps sensing that he has nothing to fear from a totally controlled Justice Department, Biden made no mention of the big news of the day: his son's indictment for lying on a gun form.

Biden ignores indictment....

Even Republicans have dismissed the indictment as a nothing-burger that sidesteps the scandal of Biden's well-documented influence peddling overseas.

Assuming his "working man" disguise, the "big guy" accused Republicans of favoring the wealthy at the expense of the poor and middle class during his speech in Maryland.

"Look, their plan — MAGAnomics — is more extreme than anything America has ever seen before," he said.

Like he has done before, Biden asserted that Republicans are putting "democracy at risk."

The claim was layered with a new hint of irony, however, as prosecutors on the left seek to jail Trump, Biden's chief political opponent and the likely Republican nominee for president in 2024.

Tyrant Biden returns...

While Biden continues to lay claim to "democracy," his messaging has also turned to more prosaic economic concerns with 2024 around the bend.

Like he has often done, Biden boldly overlooked a disconnect between his rhetoric and the public mood, which has been dampened by the continued pain of inflation.

"America, as we met here — meet here today, has the strongest economy in the world. Let me say that again: America has the strongest economy in the world of all the major economics," he said.

After ranting like a demagogue for an hour, Biden closed by teasing another major speech about "democracy," which he is set to deliver later this month.

Biden even referenced his notorious blood-red speech in front of Independence Hall last year, in which he - flanked by Marines - blasted Republicans as enemies of the state.

"I’m about to make a major speech. I made one back when I ran the last time in 2020 up at Independence Hall. Democracy is at stake, folks. Our democracy is under attack, and we got to fight for it."

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