Biden draws heat for declaring Easter Sunday to be "Transgender Day of Visibility"

 April 1, 2024

President Joe Biden has long touted his Catholic faith and made a point of attending mass on the day of his inauguration.

However, critics complain that a controversial move by the president this past weekend has all but blown his religious cover. 

Biden declares Easter Sunday to be "Transgender Day of Visibility"

According to Fox News, Biden put out a proclamation celebrating "Transgender Day of Visibility" on March 31, which also happened to be Easter Sunday.

"On Transgender Day of Visibility, we honor the extraordinary courage and contributions of transgender Americans and reaffirm our Nation’s commitment to forming a more perfect Union — where all people are created equal and treated equally throughout their lives," Biden's proclamation read.

"Today, we send a message to all transgender Americans: You are loved. You are heard. You are understood. You belong," the statement stressed.

"You are America, and my entire Administration and I have your back," the president pledged as he drew to a close.

House speaker: "The American people are taking note"

Among those taking Biden to task was House Speaker Mike Johnson, who declared, "The Biden White House has betrayed the central tenet of Easter — which is the resurrection of Jesus Christ."

Johnson pointed to how the White House prohibited the use of religiously themed art at its annual Easter egg contest.

"Banning sacred truth and tradition—while at the same time proclaiming Easter Sunday as 'Transgender Day'—is outrageous and abhorrent," the Louisiana Republican continued before adding, "The American people are taking note."

White House lashes out at detractors

Evangelist Franklin Graham spoke up as well, stating, "This once again shows how little respect President Biden and his administration have for God."

"On the most significant day of the Christian calendar, when the Church around the world celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ who died and shed His blood for the sins of mankind, the Biden administration uses this opportunity to flaunt sin, to glorify sin, and to celebrate sin," Graham asserted.

However, Fox News noted that White House spokesman Andrew Bates was unrepentant, declaring, "As a Christian who celebrates Easter with family, President Biden stands for bringing people together and upholding the dignity and freedoms of every American."

"Sadly, it’s unsurprising politicians are seeking to divide and weaken our country with cruel, hateful and dishonest rhetoric. President Biden will never abuse his faith for political purposes or for profit," Bates insisted.

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