Biden issues empty call for bipartisan unity with GOP, immediately launches renewed partisan attacks

 February 4, 2023

During President Joe Biden's Inaugural address in 2021, he called for "bipartisanship" and "unity" and then spent the next two years viciously attacking his Republican opposition while pushing a highly divisive and thoroughly partisan policy agenda with the backing of Democratic majorities in Congress.

Now, after Republicans have regained control of the House, Biden is once again calling for unity and bipartisanship with his opposition, but those pleas are likely to fall on deaf ears, according to

Instead, the president will likely receive a healthy dose of the exact same medicine he and his fellow Democrats have dished out over the past several years in terms of congressional investigations and a blockade against further progress for his agenda.

Everyone should be "treated with dignity and respect"

President Biden delivered remarks on Thursday at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington D.C. and purported to reach out a hand to Republicans in the spirit of bipartisan compromise agreement and unity.

In reference to some of the challenges the nation currently faces, Biden said, "Look, in our politics and our lives, we too often see each other as opponents and not competitors. We see each other as enemies, not neighbors. And as tough as these times have been, if we look closer, we see the strength, the determination that has long defined America."

He also referenced America's voters, and stated, "They’ve elected us to help them -- to really look at each other not as Democrats, not as Republicans, but as who we really are -- as fellow Americans, fellow human beings worthy of being treated with dignity and respect."

"Because when we’re present in our lives -- when we’re present in our lives, we find there’s so much more that unites us, in my view. So much more that unites us than divides us," the president continued. "And while we have profound differences, the last two years have proven we can come together to do big things for the country. We can join hands and get things done. We can redeem the soul of America."

Biden instantly ignores his own pleas

Toward the end of his speech, President Biden said, "My prayer for this prayer breakfast is we start to see each other again, look at each other again, travel with each other again, argue like hell with each other again but then still go to lunch together."

"Let’s just sort of, kind of, join hands again a little bit. Let’s start treating each other with respect. That’s what Kevin and I are going to do. Not a joke," he concluded in reference to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA). "We had a good meeting yesterday. I think we got to do it across the board. It doesn’t mean we’re going to agree, and fight like hell, but let’s treat each other with respect."

That all sounds fine and good, and certainly, a majority of Americans would agree that things would be better if the elected members of the two major political parties could find a way to work past their differences and find common ground in a respectful and dignified manner.

The only problem with that is, as exemplified by a speech President Biden delivered just one day later at the Democratic National Committee's Winter Meeting dinner reception, he can't even adhere to his own call for treating political opponents with dignity and respect, as he spent about half of that speech lambasting and smearing "extreme MAGA Republicans" as the worst sorts of people who want to do horrific things to make life worse for all Americans.

You get what you give

Thus, given President Biden's own example of being disrespectful and undignified in treating his opposition with utter contempt, he can and should expect to receive the exact same treatment that he has dished out over the past two years and his fellow Democrats gave to his predecessor, former President Donald Trump, for the four tiresome years prior to that.

In other words, Biden can and should expect that his White House and administration will face unrelenting and invasive investigations from congressional committees, and perhaps even an impeachment proceeding or two.

It also means that his partisan policy agenda for the next two years may as well be considered dead on arrival in the GOP-controlled House -- that is, unless or until he decides to follow his own advice and actually exhibit some dignity and respect by agreeing to compromise on common ground solutions instead of reflexively attacking and rejecting each and every bipartisan proposal.

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