Biden ends Vietnam press conference by announcing his bedtime

 September 12, 2023

President Joe Biden ended his Vietnam press conference at the G20 Summit Sunday by telling reporters it was time for him to go to bed.

The rambling response came at the end of his time with reporters in New Delhi in response to a question about China.

A weak showing

"Yeah, we talked…we talked about…we talked about it at the conference. Overall, we talked about stability," Biden said while appearing tired in his response about China's president. "We talked about making sure that the Third World, the Third World….the Southern Hemisphere had access to change. It had access," Biden said.

"But I tell you what, I don't know about you, but I'm going to go to bed," Biden told reporters.

Mic cut off

The abrupt ending included his microphone being cut off after returning to his "dog-faced pony soldier" routine.

“The Indian looks at John Wayne and points to the Union soldier and says, ‘He’s a lying, dog-faced pony soldier!’” Biden said in response to a question about climate change.

An embarrassment

"The press conference started more than an hour late and kicked off by the president acknowledging that his aides told him who he would be calling on," according to the Daily Mail.

"‘They gave me five people here,’ Biden said about the reporters on his list of names, returning to his custom of both calling from and speaking about the list apologetically.

The full press conference lasted just 26 minutes before quickly ending for Biden to call it a day.

The difficult showing adds to concerns about Biden's health among many Americans. At 80 years old, the majority of voters have expressed concerns about his being too old for a second term as president.

The press conference didn't do much to help with concerns, instead showing America's leader as a rambling, tired personality unable to handle basic questions from reporters.

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