Biden fails to comply with classified documents investigation

 January 15, 2023

According to U.S. Rep. James Comer (R-KY), the administration of President Joe Biden is not complying with the congressional investigation of the ongoing confidential documents scandal. 

Comer indicated as much during a recent appearance on the Fox News Channel.

"They have not"

Last week, Comer, as the chair of the House Oversight Committee, asked the National Archives to, among other things, disclose:

All documents and communications between or among the White House and the Department of Justice or NARA [National Archives and Records Administration] regarding the documents retrieved from President Biden’s personal office at the Penn Biden Center.

During Saturday's Fox News Channel appearance, Comer revealed that the Biden administration has still not complied with the request.

"I have jurisdiction over the national archives," Comer said. "This agency is supposed to do a briefing anytime something like this happens. They have not."

"Not only have they not given us a briefing, even though we’ve requested one, they have not answered any of our simple requests for information," Comer added.

The scandal continues to grow

The scandal began when it was reported last week that classified documents, from Biden's time as vice president, were found by Biden's lawyers at the Penn Biden Center just before the midterm elections.

Since then, two other batches of classified documents have been found, both at Biden's Wilmington, Delaware, home - which Hunter Biden has claimed to own. One of the batches was found in his office and another in his garage.

CBS News has reported that at least 10 of the documents that have been discovered were labeled "top-secret," which, according to the outlet, "is the highest of the three basic levels of classification."

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has launched an investigation into the matter, and it has also appointed a special counsel, former U.S. Attorney Robert Hur.

On top of this, House Republicans are investigating the matter.

Double standard?

Biden has faced much criticism for the situation, particularly considering the apparent disparity between the way the federal government is treating this situation and the way it has treated the confidential documents situation involving former President Donald Trump.

Comer highlighted some of these differences in a tweet on Saturday. He wrote:

The Biden Admin and DOJ 𝐤𝐧𝐞𝐰 classified docs were stashed in a closet at the Penn Biden Center before the 2022 election. They also found docs in Biden's garage in December. Why were Americans not notified? Why was DOJ slow? Why was only one residence raided?

Biden and his people have been trying to claim that a significant difference is that he has complied with federal authorities whereas Trump has not. Many, however, aren't convinced, and the fact that he is refusing to comply with Comer's investigation is partial proof.

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