Biden having temper tantrums over low poll numbers, isolation from public

 March 19, 2024

According to reports from White House insiders, President Joe Biden has been expressing anger and frustration over his low poll numbers and the way staff (read: wife Jill) has been isolating him from the public in recent months, afraid he will take a public fall or make another gaffe. 

Biden apparently swore at staffers during a meeting about his falling poll numbers in key battleground states like Michigan and Georgia, which have apparently been blamed on his support for Israel's retaliation against Hamas in Gaza.

He was angry because he believed he was doing the right thing and felt he was being punished for it.

He also doesn't think he's gotten proper credit for positive movement in the economy and for passing important legislation that other presidents could not.

Twisting his record

He has instructed his speechwriters to be plain about his economic achievements, but in fact, what he wants them to do is lie about them.

He's claiming he created 15 million jobs since taking office, but he continues to completely ignore that 22 million jobs were lost during the COVID-19 pandemic, and only 12 million of them had come back by the time Biden took office.

That means at best, 4 to 5 million jobs have been created under Biden, compared to over 6 million under Trump in three years, before COVID-19 hit.

Last year, Politifact rated Biden's job creation claims, then 10 million jobs, as "mostly false" because he didn't factor pandemic job losses into his calculations. That kind of rating for a Democrat is equivalent to "liar, liar, pants on fire" for anyone else.

The economy has limped along under Biden, but has certainly not been as glorious as he and his speechwriters want to claim.

Is he just sundowning?

It's not the first time reports of Biden's temper have surfaced, but does a Biden temper tantrum really mean anything at this point?

Given the many indicators of senility on the part of Biden, it could just be sundowning, a phenomenon that happens when those with dementia become tired or confused later in the day and then get angry and begin to rage.

Maybe he's remembering the glory days when people actually liked him and can't understand why they have suddenly turned.

With an approval rating of only 38% and disapproval at 56%, Biden's re-election chances are fading faster than his memories seem to be.

We'll see what his temper is like after Election Day if something doesn't turn things around pretty soon.

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