Biden ignores press questions following meeting with Irish prime minister

 March 20, 2023

Fox News reported that President Joe Biden refused to acknowledge reporters following a White House meeting with Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar last Thursday.

That incident later led to an awkward moment for White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, who had trouble defending the president's behavior. 

President "smiled" as press were ushered out

Fox News noted that Biden and Varadkar each offered prepared statements about the war in Ukraine along with St. Patrick's Day.

However, the network pointed out that the president did not respond to questions shouted out by assembled journalists but instead "smiled" as they were ushered out.

According to Fox News, Biden's refusal to interact with the press broke an earlier promise that Jean-Pierre had made.

Jean-Pierre frustrated by reporters' protests

"You're going to have an opportunity, or your colleagues are going to have an opportunity, to ask questions during the pool spray at the Oval that happens every time a head of state visits," Fox News quoted her as saying

"So that is an opportunity to be able to pose a question to the president or the head of state that is visiting at the White House on that day," she added.

Members of the White House press pool then proceeded to grill Jean-Pierre on Biden's refusal to take questions, something which appeared to leave her feeling frustrated.

"I've spoken to this many times… I've brought it up many times and I gave an explanation that these are diplomatic conversations that happen with the countries that are visiting, and it is something that is decided in that way," she insisted.

Biden has a habit of ignoring questions

Thursday was hardly the first time that the president has been seen dodging inquirers, as earlier this month he walked away from a question about holding China accountable for COVID-19.

Meanwhile, Fox News reported in January that Biden "pretended not to hear" questions about classified documents found at the Penn Biden Center.

"Mr. President, do you have any comment on the classified documents," a reporter shouted at the president following a meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

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