Biden In Personnel Standoff With Senate

 August 7, 2023

Joe Biden's White House is in the middle of a personnel standstill.

That's because the Senate has refused to confirm some of Joe Biden's nominations.

Joe Biden nominated Julie Su to head America's Department of Labor, but she's really no closer to going to work now than she was back then. Moderate Democrats simply do not support her, leaving very few Congressman who agree with Biden's decision.

It's not just one confirmation that Biden is having trouble pushing through, though.

Senator Tommy Tuberville, a Republican from Alabama, is holding up hundreds of military advancements in protest of the Pentagon's abortion policy.

Tuberville's hold is so strong that it's entirely possible that America heads into 2024 election season without a confirmed Labor secretary.

That former Labor secretary, Marty Walsh, was the first of Biden's Cabinet officials to leave his administration.

With America's Congress unwilling to play nice with Joe Biden, we're really not making much progress in the way of nominations.

You would think that the path forward would be for Joe Biden and his army of federal liberals to make some concessions once in a while, but for some reason Democrats are completely unwilling to negotiate.

It's not just Republicans gumming up the works either.

Jim Manley, a former aide to some of America's top Democrats, has said that it's his own party that's causing a lot of problems for Joe Biden.

That's because Joe doesn't know what to do unless 100% of his own party agrees to be in lockstep behind him.

According to Manly, that isn't what's happening right now.

"Not only does the administration have a problem with Republicans, but they have problems with Democrats as well," Manley said.

"In weeks and months ahead, they’re going to have to figure out who to prioritize, who to put off and who to figure out who they can get to fill jobs in an acting capacity."

"Short term through the end of the fiscal year, the dance card is full. We’ll see what opens up then, but given that Republicans are vowing to block every Defense and State Department nominee, if you throw a Cabinet secretary on top of that, it’s going to be tough to get anything done," Manley concluded.

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