Biden is sticking with Harris in 2024: Report

August 12, 2023

President Joe Biden has just made it clear that he is sticking with Vice President Kamala Harris as his running mate in 2024. 

Biden did so, according to ABC News, in a "strategic memo" that his 2024 campaign recently sent out to "donors, supporters, and political strategists."

The memorandum - dated, Friday, Aug. 11, 2023 - is written by Julie Chavez Rodriguez, Biden's 2024 campaign manager, and Becca Siegel, a senior adviser to Biden's campaign.

In the memo, they essentially make the case for Harris to continue her role as vice president.

Making the case for Harris

In the memo, Rodriguez and Siegel claim that Harris is an "invaluable asset" to Biden's 2024 campaign.

"As we enter the heart of the 2024 cycle, Vice President Harris is positioned once again to be a strong political force and invaluable asset to the Biden-Harris reelection effort," they write.

Rodriguez and Siegel go on to highlight polls showing that Harris is performing well among certain Democrat-friendly groups, such as non-White voters and low-income Americans.

"More important than any approval polling, however, is that the Vice President has established herself as a fearless voice on many of the issues that are most important to the core voters in the Biden-Harris coalition," Rodriguez and Siegel write.

They add, "Over the past few weeks alone, Americans have watched her be a powerful and effective messenger, calling out the extremist MAGA agenda and lifting up the issues that Americans care about: reproductive freedom, voting rights, economic opportunity, gun safety reform, and climate change and clean energy."

A reality check

Aug. 11, 2023, happens to have been the third anniversary of Biden's selection of Harris to be his running mate. This fact was also brought up in the memo.

Biden is quoted as saying, "Picking Kamala as my eventual vice president was one of the best decisions I made as a presidential nominee. And since that day, she’s demonstrated that she was the perfect choice."

She may be Biden's "perfect choice," but poll after poll has made it clear that Harris is not the choice of Americans.

Real Clear Politics, for example, has Harris's average approval rating at only 37.6% - that's 15.5 percentage points underwater. And, individual polls would suggest that this 37.6% figure may be generous.

The most damning fact, however, is the memo itself. That Biden's campaign has to put out such a memo, making the case for Harris, is proof in itself that Harris is a failed vice president - otherwise such a memo would be unnecessary. It is nothing more than the latest attempt to convince voters that Harris is something that she is not and never will be, namely, a popular and effective leader.

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