Biden jokes to African leaders about 'poor relatives' eating too much food and overstaying their welcome

 December 17, 2022

President Joe Biden has a long and well-documented history of uttering gaffes and making insensitive jokes, some of which fall flat or require additional explanation, and now another remark can be added to that list.

During a speech at a summit with African leaders, President Biden poorly delivered a joke about "poor relatives" who show up and eat all of the food while overstaying their welcome, Breitbart reported.

The joke came in relation to an invitation Biden claimed to have received from several African leaders to visit their nations in the near future, which he said he intends to do.

"Poor relatives" will "eat your food and stay longer" than welcome

President Biden delivered remarks Thursday morning at the U.S.-Africa Summit Leaders Session in Washington D.C. to discuss plans for future cooperation and partnerships between the U.S. and African Union to meet a variety of economic and societal goals.

As he neared the end of his prepared speech, Biden said, "And finally, I’m grateful that all of you have made the journey to Washington for this summit, and I’m eager to visit your continent."

"As I told some of you -- you invited me to your countries. I said, 'Be careful what you wish for because I may show up,'" he continued.

"The poor relatives always show up. The wealthy ones never show up. The poor come and they eat your food and stay longer than they should," Biden added. "Well, I’m looking forward to seeing many of you in your home countries."

Rather insensitive, given Africa's reality

Breitbart noted that President Biden's attempted joke came across as rather "awkward" in light of the fact that the U.S. is the wealthiest nation in the world -- and Biden himself is personally quite wealthy -- while much of Africa is desperately impoverished.

Indeed, the clear implication here from the president was that the U.S. and Biden were the "poor relatives" who'd been invited to the homes of the "wealthy" African leaders -- with Biden essentially promising not to stay too long and "eat them out of house and home," according to the U.K. Daily Mail.

The outlet noted that Biden's quip drew a few chuckles, including from himself, but largely fell flat among the gathered leaders of generally poor African nations who are dealing with terrible food shortages for their people due in part to persistent famines and food supply disruptions related to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Biden jokes about Cabinet officials not coming back from Africa

The Daily Mail further reported that President Biden wasn't done telling bad jokes in that speech, as almost immediately after the mockery of poor and hungry relatives he went on to make another attempt at humor in suggesting that some of his top administration officials might not actually return from a visit to the African continent.

"I -- Vice President Harris is also planning to visit, as is my wife, Jill," Biden said. "Secretary Blinken is on his way. Secretary of Defense Austin. Secretary of the Treasury Yellen. Secretary of Commerce Raimondo. The USAID Administrator, Power. And our Ambassador to the United Nations, Linda Thomas-Greenfield."

"Promise you’ll send them back. Promise you’ll send them back. I need them. They all want to go, but I’m worried they won’t come home," he added. "The -- but I’m all -- all kidding aside, we’re all going to be seeing you and -- you’re going to see a lot of us because we’re deadly earnest and serious about this endeavor."

For what it is worth, and in regard to the food supply situation in Africa, Biden revealed at a separate event Thursday evening that the U.S. had committed another $2 billion in taxpayer funds on top of roughly $11 billion that had already been designated for "humanitarian assistance" to help address "food insecurity" in the impoverished and starving continent.

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