Biden judge dismisses lawsuit against gas stove manufacturer

 February 23, 2024

A federal judge appointed by Joe Biden has dealt an unexpected blow to his draconian climate agenda. 

Judge Araceli Martinez-Olguin dismissed most of a consumer fraud lawsuit against gas stove manufacturer GE Appliances.

The lawsuit was based on the same rationale that Biden has used to target gas stoves, namely, that they emit harmful emissions.

The judge found most of the claims brought by plaintiff Charles Drake to be meritless.

Gas stove ruling

Drake alleged that Haier Appliances, the parent company of GE Appliances, had defrauded customers by failing to advertise the health effects of gas stove emissions.

But Judge Martinez-Olguin, of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, found the plaintiff failed to meet the burden of proving fraud.

"Drake does not allege the necessary elements of fraud by omission under California law," the judge wrote.

"Most glaringly, Drake fails to plead the second and fourth elements of fraud by omission: that Haier held a duty to disclose the fact of the emissions to him, or that Drake justifiably relied on Haier's concealment of the dangerous emissions from his gas stove."

The plaintiff argued that GE Appliances is "aware" of "studies" concerning the alleged harms of gas stoves, including controversial research from a climate group that was cited by the Biden administration in its push to ban gas stoves last year.

The judge found that Drake did not meet the threshold needed to establish the company's awareness of the alleged "defect."

"Drake alleges no connection between Haier and the studies he cites, appearing to conclude merely that Haier 'should have known,'" she wrote.

Climate agenda faces pushback

The Biden administration caused a furor last year when the Consumer Product Safety Commission suggested banning gas stoves.

The White House and its media surrogates dismissed backlash as nothing but right-wing hysteria, despite internal discussions proving that a plan to target gas stoves was in the works.

Following backlash, Biden released a rule last month that leaves the majority of gas stoves alone.

Biden has struggled to enact his heavy-handed climate agenda thanks to public resistance and the occasional court rebuke.

In a sobering setback, Biden recently dialed back his aggressive push to "transition" to electric vehicles over lack of consumer demand and pushback from auto workers.

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