Biden Labor Day speech filled with economic falsities and gaffes and dishonest smears against Trump

September 7, 2023

President Joe Biden delivered a speech to union workers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on Labor Day that, as is typical for him, was full of gaffes, half-truths, conveniently omitted facts, and outright lies, according to the Daily Wire.

The inaccurate statements ran the gamut of where he served as a senator, when he was inaugurated into the White House, the status of the various economic figures and indicators, and false smears against his chief political rival and predecessor, former President Donald Trump.

Biden forgets where and when he was elected

Near the very beginning of President Biden's remarks -- throughout which the White House transcribers inserted numerous corrections -- he said, "It’s good to be almost home. You know, I wouldn’t have been elected to the United States Senate in the first place were it not for Philadelphia -- that’s not a joke -- with all the help and support I got from Philly."

Of course, Biden was elected to the Senate in the completely separate state of Delaware, meaning no amount of "help and support" received "from Philly" -- barring electoral fraud or biased media coverage -- would have had much of an impact on a neighboring state's Senate election.

Just a few moments later, in touting how his policies have supposedly helped improve the U.S. economy, Biden mixed up the date of his inauguration and said, "Nearly 13 million, 500 thousand jobs just since you got me sworn in -- in -- in January of 2020."

Except, as the Daily Wire noted, while Biden was declared the winner of the November election in December of 2020, he wasn't actually inaugurated into the White House until January of 2021.

Biden's economic lies

The bulk of President Biden's remarks were focused on the alleged positive impact of his "Bidenomics" policies that "are working" to the benefit of all Americans, and the number of errors and misstatements were too numerous to all be named. One rather large false claim, however, was his assertion that he was responsible for reducing the annual deficit and national debt by $1.7 billion -- neither of which is accurate.

To be sure, the annual deficit was briefly reduced in 2022, primarily due to the expiration of pandemic-related emergency spending from prior years, but it is projected to increase even higher than before thanks to the profligate spending of Biden and his fellow Democrats, which has also caused the national debt to increase by around $2.5 trillion from when he first took office.

Biden's false smears against Trump

Axios reported that President Biden also used his Labor Day speech to union workers to repeatedly and pointedly attack former President Trump, albeit never by name, instead derisively referring to him as "the last guy" or "the guy who held this job before me."

In one instance, in reference to Trump's inability to get Congress to pass an infrastructure bill, Biden said, "The great real estate builder, the last guy, he didn't build a damn thing."

In another instance, Biden accused Trump of having 3 million fewer jobs than when he was first elected, though he neglected to mention that that was because of the pandemic and government-ordered shutdowns that put tens of millions out of work, or that the millions of jobs he claims credit for adding to the economy were merely the return of those old jobs temporarily lost under Trump.

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