Biden lashes out at Republicans after signing stopgap spending bill

October 2, 2023

A federal shutdown was avoided this past Saturday after President Joe Biden signed a bill to temporarily fund the government.

One day after approving the measure, Biden gave a speech in which the president complained about being "sick and tired" of  "MAGA extremists."

President tells Republicans to "stop the games"

"Enough is enough is enough!" the Washington Examiner quoted Biden as saying in an angry tirade directed towards House Republicans.

"This is not that complicated. The brinkmanship has to end, and there shouldn't be another crisis. There's no excuse for another crisis," Biden insisted.

"Stop the games," the president continued, adding, "Get to work. Make sure the American people and our allies and friends around the world know what we're doing."

Senate Democrat threatened shutdown over lack of Ukraine aid

The temporary stopgap measure Biden signed will fund the government for another 45 days, Congress time to pass an annual appropriations bill covering the next fiscal year.

The Examiner reported on Saturday that the compromise bill includes $16 billion worth of disaster relief and funds the government at 2023 levels.

One major sticking point was the exclusion of more funding for Ukraine, something which nearly led Colorado Democratic Sen. Michael Bennett to block its passage.

However, Bennett came on board after Senate leaders agreed to schedule a separate vote on supplemental Ukraine aid, a fact that Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer trumpeted.

"We will not stop fighting for more economic and security assistance for Ukraine," Schumer was quoted as saying. "Majorities in both parties support Ukraine aid and doing more is vital for America’s security and for democracy around the world."

Fetterman says GOP is turning "our government into The Steve Wilkos Show"

Biden was not alone in lashing out at Republicans, as Pennsylvania Democratic Sen. John Fetterman did so as well in a series of tweets, saying, "I voted yes tonight to keep the government open, but I’m done normalizing this dysfunction."

"This is not entertainment, it’s governance. We must not allow the Freedom Caucus to turn our government into The Steve Wilkos Show," Fetterman declared.

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