Biden spent less than 15 minutes with striking UAW members before jetting off to Bay Area fundraiser event

 September 28, 2023

President Joe Biden's much-hyped visit to Michigan to join and support striking United Auto Workers union members on the picket line occurred on Tuesday ... and lasted less than 15 minutes, according to Breitbart.

Once Biden had sufficiently signaled his virtue by standing for all of 12 minutes in solidarity with the union's steep demands for concessions from the so-called Detroit Three automakers -- Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis, the conglomerate that owns Chrysler -- he then jetted off to California's Bay Area for a campaign fundraiser event with wealthy Democrat elitists.

Biden -- briefly -- stands in solidarity with striking union workers

The Daily Mail reported that President Biden, wearing a black UAW cap with a blue fleece pullover featuring the presidential seal, briefly joined striking UAW members outside the Willow Run parts distribution center in Belleville, Michigan for all of about 12 minutes on Tuesday.

Initially greeted by cheers from the workers, Biden, while surrounded by union leadership, used a bullhorn to deliver brief remarks before standing on the picket line in an unprecedented move for a sitting president.

Playing up his "union Joe" persona, Biden told the striking workers, "The fact of the matter is that you guys, the UAW -- you saved the automobile industry back in 2008 and before. You made a lot of sacrifices. You gave up a lot. And the companies were in trouble."

"But now they’re doing incredibly well. And guess what? You should be doing incredibly well too. It’s a simple proposition," he added. "Folks, stick with it, because you deserve the significant raise you need and other benefits. Let’s get back what we lost, okay?"

After handing off the bullhorn for UAW President Shawn Fain to deliver his own remarks while he mingled with some of the workers, Biden retook the bullhorn to reiterate some of his oft-repeated pro-union talking points about Wall Street versus the middle class and added, "So, let’s keep going. You deserve what you’ve earned, and you’ve earned a hell of a lot more than you’re getting paid now."

UAW demands and tactics could backfire

Depending upon how long this UAW strike goes on, President Biden's siding with the striking workers could ultimately backfire on him if public sentiment ultimately turns against the strike over what some may view as unreasonable demands and questionable tactics that have caused unnecessary inconveniences or even pain for average American consumers.

That is because, according to Reuters, the UAW expanded their strike last week to include not just a handful of vehicle assembly plants but also dozens of parts distribution centers -- meaning dealerships and repair shops can no longer get the replacement parts that people need -- while insisting upon serious concessions from the Detroit Three companies.

Those demands include an immediate 20% wage increase and an eventual 40% wage increase over the next few years, an end to tiered wages that pay better salaries to experienced workers over new workers, an improved benefits package, job security guarantees, and a 32-hour workweek for 40-hours pay, among other things -- all while the Detroit Three are seeking to cut costs to remain globally competitive amid the Biden administration's forced transition to produce all-electric vehicles.

Biden ditches striking workers to solicit funds from Bay Area billionaires

Once the speeches had concluded -- and after President Biden responded in the affirmative when asked if he supported the UAW's demand for a 40% wage increase -- he then hopped aboard Air Force One and jetted off to California's Bay Area for a campaign fundraiser event Tuesday evening at the private residence of an ultra-wealthy couple in Atherton, according to local NBC affiliate KNTV.

Tickets for that event on Tuesday ranged from $5,000-100,000, and Biden was scheduled to attend a similar fundraiser event Wednesday evening at the home of a wealthy Facebook co-founder following a meeting with science and technology advisers during the day.

"$100,000 dinners are something 99% of Americans have no hope of ever participating in," Nolan Higdon, a professor and political analyst at Cal State East Bay, said. "The fact that people in the Atherton area can come up with that type of money, it tells you exactly why he’s having a campaign meeting here in the Bay Area."

"Biden is visiting California at a time when his campaign is facing some very difficult polls," the professor added. "A lot of polls show head-to-head matchups with Donald Trump have Biden neck and neck or even behind in some of these polls. He's going to need to kick-start his campaign."

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