Biden losing independents ahead of 2024: poll

 December 29, 2022

President Biden continues to leave independent voters behind in his wild sprint to the far left, with a new poll finding that he would lose to either President Trump or Florida governor Ron DeSantis among independents if the 2024 election were held today.

The Zogby Poll found that just 37 percent of independents approve of Biden's job performance, the Washington Examiner reported.

Biden losing independents

A whopping 61 percent of independents disapprove of Biden, the survey found, and 70 percent think the country is on the wrong track.

These findings are not new, but Biden's unpopularity with independents did not translate into a resounding rebuke of his party in the midterm elections, as many anticipated, with Democrats expanding their Senate majority and losing the House by a small margin.

According to the AP, Democrats bled support with independents by 10 points between 2020 and 2022, but still outperformed Republicans by four points.

Pundits across the political spectrum have blamed the failure of the "red wave" on a backlash among independents against President Trump and abortion restrictions. But in a direct rematch, Trump leads Biden by 38-37 among independents, the Zogby Poll found.

Troubles ahead for Joe

While Biden has taken the 2022 election results as an affirmation of his leadership, it appears the president, who turned 80 last month, could be getting ahead of himself.

Pollster John Zogby predicted that Biden may face more unfavorable terrain in 2024 than he did this year, when voters were influenced by "distractions" from a tanking economy that many suspect has yet to hit rock bottom.

"While Biden relishes in the victory and has some legislative achievements to date, the economy is not looking good,” Zogby said.

“Voters might have found some distractions to ignore the economic issues that currently plague us, but those distractions like January 6, abortion, and climate change might not be enough to carry Biden to victory in 2024."

Trump or DeSantis?

The poll also found that DeSantis beats Biden by eight points, leading 43-34. Virgnia governor Glenn Youngkin (R) loses to Biden among independents by two points, but 37 percent were undecided in the matchup.

Trump is the current GOP frontrunner in a field of one, but DeSantis has widely been hailed as a formidable competitor to Trump and, according to some, the GOP's future.

"As of now, Trump is looking less like a shoo-in, while DeSantis continues to edge his way up the party ladder,” Zogby said.

“We’ll see if DeSantis is ready for prime time come primary season, but right now, he’s looking like a bonafide contender!" Zogby concluded.

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