Biden losing support from young voters, women, and Black voters

 November 26, 2023

President Joe Biden's dwindling approval numbers and his continued, age-related gaffes, and a looming impeachment inquiry aren't the only problems he faces headed into another election cycle. 

The 81-year-old president also has a major problem with voting blocs that Democrats used to have locked down, and the numbers are showing that he's going to struggle, hard, especially against an opponent who continues to rise in the polls.

The president has already been bested by former President Donald Trump in several recent national polls -- an outcome that has the Democratic Party concerned, to say the very least.

Many high-profile Democrats have already subtly called for the elderly president to reconsider whether or not it's in his best interest to run again.

Losing support

Biden's support from key groups is on the rapid decline, including from younger voters, which is usually a Democratic candidate's bread and butter.

The Guardian recently reported that it believes part of the reason why Biden is suffering with younger voters right now is due to the Israel and Palestine drama unfolding by the day.

The ultra-liberal rag wrote, "Now, a new NBC poll also shows Biden in dire straits, with his approval rating falling to the lowest it has ever been: 40%. The poll found that he was faring especially poorly with Democrats and young voters, large numbers of whom are dissatisfied with his handling of an issue that is exposing a growing divide within the party: Israel’s assault on Palestinians in Gaza following the October 7 Hamas attack."

Biden also has a serious problem when it comes to Black voter support, according to Fox News. Black voters recently expressed deep frustration with the Democratic Party.

A recent New York Times podcast episode featured several Black voices expressing their hesitation and "concern" over voting for President Biden’s re-election in 2024, with some claiming Biden is "too old" and others stating that the Democratic Party has not fulfilled its promises to Black Americans.

Black voters are not only tired of the lack of progress at the hands of the Democrats, but they also signaled growing support for former President Donald Trump and the Republican Party in general, on the topic of financial independence -- an important and rising issue within the Black community.

"The financial mobility. The Republican Party preaches somewhat of – this concept of strap up your bootstraps and kind of will your own way – to make your own way as far as financially," said a Black voter who was interviewed for the study.

Lack of support in key states

Not only is Biden doing poorly on a national level, but he's also taking massive hits in key swing states, like Michigan, where he's rapidly losing support from not only Black voters but female voters, too.

According to the Washington Examiner, Biden's support from minority voters in Michigan is down significantly from the last election cycle.

What's soured Michigan voters the most, the pollster said, is the sustained inflation and overall cost of living, and Biden's failed attempt to convince people that "Bidenomics" is somehow a good thing.

Biden's 2024 campaign has a monumental, -- if not impossible, at this point -- challenge ahead of them. Many believe it's already too late and have suggested that the Dem Party swap in a candidate who still stands a chance, whoever that may be.


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