Biden mocked for celebrating 'historic year'

 January 2, 2023

President Biden is being mocked for an unintentionally ironic message touting 2022 as a "historic year" for America, as the nation continues to brace for further economic upheaval, urban violence, and chaos at the southern border.

Biden's tweet was vague on what exactly made 2022 a "historic year," leaving critics to jump in with their own takes on what should be remembered. House Judiciary Committee Republicans readily commented, "Record crime. Record inflation. Record illegal immigration. Historic, indeed!"

Biden's "historic year"

For many, 2022 was partly defined by logistical nightmares unsuited to life in a First World country.

Biden was blasted for his response to a baby formula shortage in the spring, and the year ended with a historic meltdown that left thousands of holiday travelers stranded at airports for the second year in a row, putting Biden and his Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg, on the defensive.

But traveling by car has been hardly less of a pain. Gas prices hit a record high over the summer, and while they have eased from their peaks, inflation remains stubbornly high. Many fear the worst has yet to come amid signals that a recession is on the way in 2023 - if not here already.

Biden's boasts

2022 also saw the continuation of Biden's historic, self-inflicted border crisis. Over 2 million immigrants crossed the border in 2022, a number that could surge even higher if Biden is successful in eventually ending President Trump's Title 42 policy.

The year also saw headline after headline of graphic, unprovoked violence in major cities, leaving Democrats rushing to disown responsibility for a crime wave that made law and order an issue in the year's elections.

By election time, Biden had appeared to give up on selling voters on his job performance -- turning to scapegoating his Republican opponents as insidious enemies of "democracy," an effort that saw pushback even from partisans of the left.

Biden surprised the country when he avoided a rebuke from voters, dodging a widely anticipated "red wave" at the polls.

Rock bottom?

While Biden and his party have bragged that voters have affirmed their radical agenda, poll after poll shows that the public continues to disapprove of Biden and the direction the country is heading.

And while Biden continues to double down on delusional, hyperbolic boasts, many, including former President Trump, say the trajectory of decline Biden has set in motion has yet to run its course.

Biden now enters the second half of his term as the oldest president in American history, and with Republicans in control of the House for the first time in four years, his prospects of passing legislation will be limited for the rest of his first term.

Who knows -- maybe they will do Biden a favor by blocking his agenda.

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