Biden, most Democrats thinks Harris is a 'joke': book

 January 5, 2024

Kamala Harris has often blamed bigotry for all of the scrutiny she receives, but even her supposed allies think she's a lightweight. Biden and his top staff think the vice president is a "joke" and they want as little to do with her as possible, according to a new book.

Amateur Hour, by Charlie Spiering, confirms what many have long suspected: Democrats privately have no respect for Harris, despite the very public song-and-dance supporting her.

Washington LAUGHS At Harris...

While the job of vice president comes with few official duties, Harris' tendency to ramble vacuously has created serious doubts about her fitness to serve in higher office.

During research for his book, Spiering said he found very few Democrats who genuinely like Harris or are impressed by her.

"There’s plenty of negative chatter behind the scenes, but few dare speak publicly, for fear of being branded a racist or a sexist,” he wrote.

When Biden chose Harris for VP, he was fulfilling a pledge to elevate a black woman. Spiering confirmed that Biden only picked Harris to get votes and had no intention of giving her serious responsibilities.

"Biden and his team had already achieved their goal of winning, using Harris’s identity to ‘make history’ and inspire voters to pull the aging presidential hopeful across the finish line. But when they took office, Harris was sidelined," Spiering wrote.

Jill NOT a fan.....

According to Spiering, Jill Biden - rumored to have a strong dislike of Harris since 2019 - wanted Susan Rice, an Obama veteran, to be vice president instead. (Rice went on to serve as Biden's domestic policy adviser.)

While there was some hope that Harris would help with Biden's legislative agenda, it quickly became clear that Harris was more interested in being president herself than policy.

“The idea that Harris was going to use her powers of persuasion to help get Biden’s agenda through Congress was a joke to Biden’s team,” Spiering wrote.

Biden and his wife have, so far, neglected to invite Harris and her husband to dinner, and Biden has opted out of weekly lunches with Harris.

“Despite her love of cooking, Harris has yet to host the Bidens at her home for dinner," Spiering wrote, adding, "The Bidens have not welcomed Harris and her husband to the White House for a personal dinner either.”

Biden's dislike of Harris might be the most relatable thing about him.....too bad he has to keep it a secret!

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