Biden names new Border Patrol chief

 June 10, 2023

President Joe Biden's Department of Homeland Security (DHS) just announced the new chief of U.S. Border Patrol. 

The new chief is Jason Owens.

"I am proud to welcome Border Patrol Sector Chief Jason Owens as our 26th Chief of the United States Border Patrol," DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said.

He added:

Chief Owens is a talented, selfless, and inspiring leader who is dedicated to the Border Patrol’s law enforcement mission, the men and women who fulfill it, and the country that we all serve. I have worked with Chief Owens; I am inspired by his commitment to the mission, and am grateful to him for his continued service in this new leadership role.

What we know about Owens:

According to Fox News, Owens is the current chief of the Del Rio Sector of the southern border. He, in fact, has been with Border Patrol for over 25 years.

The Washington Examiner reports that Owens "previously worked as chief of the Border Patrol Academy in New Mexico and was chief of the Border Patrol's entire Maine-Canada region."

U.S. Customs and Border Protection's acting Commissioner Troy Miller, in his own statement on Owens, said:

Over the course of his career, Chief Owens has demonstrated consistent dedication to our border security and homeland security missions, and to the men and women who carry out these responsibilities every day. I am confident that he will ably lead the U.S. Border Patrol into its 100th year and beyond.

The Examiner also highlights a connection between Owens and U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX).

Per the outlet, "Owens is married to Casandra Garcia, a longtime senior aide to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), who ran against Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) in November 2022 but was defeated."


This all comes after the current U.S. Border Patrol Chief - Raul Ortiz - recently announced his retirement.

Ortiz was the chief for 22 months, and, during that time period, he oversaw the COVID-era policy shifts and emergency Title 42 health restrictions. Then, after Title 42 recently came to an end, he oversaw the reintroduction of Title 8.

Mayorkas praised Ortiz for his efforts saying that Ortiz embodies "the ideals of public service."

Speaking about both Ortiz and Acting Deputy Commissioner Benjamine “Carry” Huffman, Mayorkas said:

They have dedicated their careers to the safety and security of the American people and the betterment of the great CBP for which they have sacrificed so much. Their legacy of service is enduring and will forever be a part of the fabric of the entire Department of Homeland Security.

Owens will officially take over for Ortiz on June 30.

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