Biden nearly trips and falls again on Air Force One staircase

 April 9, 2024

A majority of Americans harbor deep concerns about the physical and mental health of President Joe Biden, 81, and a recent near-miss incident only seems to confirm the legitimacy of those worries.

Biden nearly tripped and fell -- again -- as he was climbing the stairs to enter Air Force One for a trip from Washington D.C. to Wisconsin on Monday, according to a video clip shared by the Republican National Committee.

The stumble came despite the fact that the president's team has already taken measures to reduce the possibility of a dangerous and potentially injurious fall for Biden, including changing the type of shoes he wears and using a shorter alternate staircase for him to enter and exit the presidential jet.

Biden's repeated struggles with Air Force One staircase

As seen in the video clip posted on Monday by the RNC Research X account, President Biden appeared to trip about halfway up the short staircase to enter Air Force One but managed to avoid a potentially devastating fall.

In a follow-up post, the RNC account shared a brief compilation video that showed Biden tripping and falling or nearly falling at least 17 times since he became president, with several of those incidents occurring on the Air Force One staircase while others happened while he was walking on stages, navigating normal stairs, or even biking.

It was just about a month and a half ago that the New York Post reported in mid-February on a similar incident in which President Biden appeared to trip twice while ascending the shorter stairs to enter Air Force One, though he again was able to avoid a fall down those steps by grabbing hold of the railing to steady himself.

That article observed that, in addition to other efforts made by Biden's team to reduce the chances of him suffering a nasty spill, a Secret Service agent had begun to be deployed at the foot of the aircraft's staircase to be ready to catch the president or immediately render assistance if he fell.

Biden campaign working to reduce the risk of trips and falls

Those efforts were reported on by Axios in September 2023 and were described as a "don't-let-him-trip mission" for the Biden campaign, which was spurred by an incident in June when Biden tripped over a sandbag and fell on stage during the U.S. Air Force Academy's graduation ceremony.

The "mission" involved increased physical therapy sessions to help Biden improve his balance along with the use of tennis shoes instead of dress shoes to provide him with better footing along with the use of the shorter staircase to enter Air Force One on a lower deck instead of the much taller staircase that enters the aircraft at an upper deck right behind the plane's cockpit.

Unfortunately for Biden, just hours after that revelatory Axios report was published, Fox News reported that the president slipped and nearly fell while descending that shorter staircase to exit Air Force One after arriving for a visit to Detroit, Michigan.

Biden's health a serious concern for most voters

Numerous polls throughout President Biden's tenure in office have shown that a majority of Americans are worried about the elderly president's physical and mental health and how his increasingly apparent decline in both regards may impact his ability to do the job, particularly as he seeks a second four-year term in the White House.

In February, NBC News reported on a poll that found that an astonishing 89% of registered voters had some level of concern about Biden "not having the necessary mental and physical health to be president for a second term."

That included 62% overall with "major concerns" about the president's health plus another 14% with "moderate concerns," and that combined total was comprised of 81% of independent voters as well as even 54% of Biden's own fellow Democrats.

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