Biden 'not welcome' in Michigan, Arab leaders say, as outrage mounts over Israel

 February 5, 2024

Despite his efforts to placate progressives who are upset with his Israel policy, President Biden is facing a voter boycott in a major Arab population center in the pivotal swing state of Michigan.

Arab leaders in the city of Dearborn cancelled a meeting with Biden over his failure to pursue a cease-fire in Gaza, the Detroit News reported.

Biden NOT welcome

As one local leader put it, Biden is "not welcome" until he brings an end to the war in Gaza.

"Unless something drastic happens, you have lost the Arab American and Muslim community. At this point, from what I can see, there's no winning them over. That was the idea of the meeting," said Assad Turfe, a local official in Wayne County.

"Until there's a cease-fire, the overall consensus in the community is they're not welcome here, essentially."

Biden has angered progressives by rejecting calls for a cease-fire to the war in Gaza, where thousands of Palestinians have died in Israel's effort to wipe out Hamas since the terror group's October 7 assault.

The situation in Gaza has resonated especially with voters of Arab ancestry, and the Biden campaign is making a clumsy charm offensive to win them back.

Taken for granted

A common sentiment among Michigan's roughly 300,000 Arab Christians and Muslims is that Biden is taking them for granted.

Arabs in Dearborn are offended that Biden intended to send his campaign manager, Julie Chavez, rather than a White House official.

“It is completely tone deaf for his senior campaign official to believe they could set foot in this community and believe we’d like to meet with the campaign team of a murderer,” Lexis Zeidan, a Palestinian-American and Christian who supported Biden in 2020, said.

Last week, Biden took the unprecedented step of sanctioning Israeli settlers for alleged violence toward Palestinians as he headed to Michigan to campaign.

Biden has also ripped the Wall Street Journal for labeling the restive, predominantly Arab city of Dearborn the nation's "jihad capital."

Despite his efforts to mollify the left, Biden continues to face backlash, with protesters following him on the campaign trail.

Biden told hecklers at a recent event that he is "quietly" working to get Israel "out" of Gaza.

The situation has reportedly left Biden cursing Israel's prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, in private.

Netanyahu has rejected Biden's call for a "two-state solution" in which an independent Palestine would exist next to Israel.

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