Biden Plans To Roll Back Rule Designed To Push Electric Vehicles On America

 February 19, 2024

President Joe Biden may have been FORCED to reverse on a big initiative.

Maybe, that’s because any initiative he has attempted to push would spell even further disaster to the economy.

Americans are sick of Joe Biden’s agenda.

Any “go green” initiatives President Biden has tried to shove down Americans’ throats have not worked out – and for good reason!

First, the president’s attempt to stop any exports of liquified natural gas (LGS) was thwarted by the House of Representatives.

Republican Representatives Kevin Hern and August Pfluger both released a statement on the freeze of LGS export efforts saying that it was a “politically-motivated ban” and even went so far to call Biden’s pause “a monumental mistake.”

While some of Biden supporters were without a doubt furious over this decision, Biden’s administration started singing a different tune.

In fact, it appears Biden’s team may have decided to shift their approach on “go green” initiatives all together.

Out of nowhere, Biden has decided to ease up on his plan to push electric vehicles in America.

He previously said that by 2032, all new car and trucks sold will not be allowed to have tailpipe emissions.

There have been massive concerns about the destruction this would bring to the auto industry, even further damaging our already suffering economy.

It is hard not to wonder why Biden has had the sudden change of heart on this topic.

Some may even speculate if Biden is simply trying to focus on giving voters what they want in an attempt to improve his failing approval ratings.

However, at this point, it really seems to be too late for Joe Biden to do any damage control.

President Biden is too far gone.

From consistently implementing policies that have shot inflation through the roof, to the recent report released by Special Counsel Robert Hur, Biden is doomed.

Many even believe Biden’s cognitive decline is so severe that the 25th amendment could be invoked on the president.

How is Biden seriously running for a second term, let alone thinking he will come out victorious?

It is time for Biden to throw in the towel before he's too old to even do that.

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Thomas Jefferson
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